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Beauty: Beauty fever; Hollywood starlets Cerina Vincent and Jordan Ladd - the leading ladies in hot new teen horror flick Cabin Fever - model three of the hottest make-up looks from the autumn catwalks.

Byline: Words: Lynne Michelle

You'd think by now that randy American college kids would know better than to go off camping in the back of beyond. But no. This autumn's 'teens in terror' flick, Cabin Fever, sees five new graduates heading to the hills for high jinks in a log cabin... and before you can say 'uh oh', their prospects aren't looking terribly bright.

But this time round, the killer's not hiding in the bushes with a dodgy mask and a knife. Instead, death lurks in the water supply, which is contaminated with a lethal flesh-eating virus - and it's hungrier for young meat than Demi Moore.

The two girls fighting to save their skin - literally - are played by Jordan Ladd, 28, and Cerina Vincent, 24. Jordan, the daughter of original Charlie's Angel Cheryl Ladd, was last seen on screen tormenting Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed and is currently working on Club Dread with Bill Paxton. Cerina starred in Not Another Teen Movie and has appeared on Ally McBeal and Malcolm In The Middle (although closet kids' TV fans might recognise her as the yellow Power Ranger).

It's fair to say that neither lady emerges from Cabin Fever with her good looks intact, so a pampering M Celebs beauty makeover was clearly in order. And yes, we checked all the lippies for flesh-eating bugs first.

Blue belle

'To keep blue eyeshadow looking modern, go for a matte shade rather than a shiny texture which will look a bit retro,' says celeb make-up artist Linda Johannsen. 'Create a two-tone effect using different shades of blue to add interest.'

How to do it:

l Use a powder-to-cream base to create an even canvas.

l Use the side of a small, stiff brush to run blue eyeshadow all along the lash line. Blend by flicking the edge upwards to avoid a hard line.

l Bright blues are very now but you may find navy more wearable.

l Take an eye pencil in a different shade of blue to the eyeshadow and apply it both inside and outside the lower lash line.

l Apply black mascara on the top lashes and blue on the bottom. Or add bright blue tips just to the very ends of your lashes.

l Go for very pale, glossy lips to balance dark eyes.

l Use a peachy powder blush to keep your complexion warm.

In the bag:

(from top) Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Neptune, pounds 20; Laura Mercier Cheek Colour in Nectar, pounds 16; Nars Eyeshadow in Liquid Sky, pounds 12.50; Shu Uemura Lipshimmer in Mocha Fondant, pounds 14; Collection 2000 Colour Lash Mascara in Blue, pounds 1.69; Shiseido Hydro-Liquid Compact, pounds 19; Miss Sporty Eye Pencil in Sky, pounds 1.69


'Metallic shades like silver or gold can look a little harsh on their own,' says Linda. 'The trick is to blend them into a colour for a shimmer finish to create depth and definition.'

How to do it:

l Use a skin balancing foundation and translucent powder to sort out any shiny bits so your eyes stand out.

l With a big fluffy brush, take a silver shimmer all over the lid and up to the brow bone.

l Now apply your contrasting colour, using a smaller brush, in a V-shape (the point of the V at the outer corner of your eyes and the two 'arms' along the upper and lower lash line).

l Line the inside of the eye with a black kohl pencil.

l Add lashings of lengthening mascara top and bottom.

l Keep lips shiny but neutral with a beige lipgloss.

l Stroke a shimmery highlighter along the tops of cheekbones.

In the bag:

(from left) Prescriptives Traceless Powder, pounds 22; Rimmel Endless Length & Lift Mascara, pounds 4.99; Clinique Colour Rub in Nude Lustre, pounds 14.50; Stila Eyeshadow in Twilight, pounds 12.50; Virgin Vie Eye Definer in Black Velvet, pounds 8.50; MAC Pigment in Violet, pounds 15

Red lips

'This is a modern twist on the 40s femme fatale look,' says Linda. 'Unless you're a teenager, it's more flattering to go for a slightly browny red lipstick rather than a bright scarlet which can look ageing.'

How to do it:

l Create a velvet base by using a moisturising matte foundation and adding translucent powder where needed.

l To volumise your pout, blend concealer on the top lip line before defining with a flesh-colour liner.

l Apply a matte red lipstick with brown undertones. Blend a brighter red in the middle of lips for a striking effect that won't drain your complexion.

l Apply a soft grey or brown powder shadow all over the lid.

l Take a dark grey shadow on a liner brush and run it along the tops of your eyelashes.

l Extend the line in a flirty flick that resembles an extra eyelash.

l Apply volumising mascara to the outer third of the eye.

In the bag:

(from top) Bourjois Rouge Volcano, pounds 6.75; Autograph Powder Eyeshadow in Metal Sheen, pounds 7; Make-up at Tesco Lip Pencil in Fig, pounds 3.30; SpaceNK Eyeshadow in Raven, pounds 8; Virgin Vie Cheek Boost in Cheeky Peach, pounds 8; Estee Lauder MagnoScopic Mascara in Black, pounds 15; Benefit Rouge A Levres in Such A Red, pounds 11.50

Make-up: Linda Johanssen at Rocket using Dermalogica.

Photography: Simon Clemenger.

We scare the Cabin Fever girls into spilling their beauty secrets...

Cabin Fever isn't the most glamorous movie for you two...

Jordan: Well, no - a flesh-eating disease does spread all over my face.

Cerina: I'm lucky - it only eats away at my legs and my face stays intact.

When your faces aren't being eaten off, which beauty products can't you live without?

C: I'm a sucker for lipglosses. I have hundreds of them in every flavour.

J: My essentials are Kiss Me Mascara, Rosebud Lip Salve and natural skin products from a cool place called Aunt Vi's Garden on Melrose, in LA.

How long does it take you to get ready to go out?

C: I can get ready in five minutes but if you give me two hours, I'll fill them.

J: Depends if I have to wash my hair. I try not to blow-dry it because it can be really damaging, so I have to wait for it to dry naturally.

What do you think is your biggest beauty asset?

C: My eyes - they're an unusual colour and they seem to be getting lighter as I get older, which is strange.

J: Probably my lips - a make-up artist taught me to put concealer on the cupid's bow first to make them 'pop'.

What's your worst beauty habit?

C: I know it's bad but after a late night I usually just sleep in my make-up.

J: I smoke. When I started, my mother said, 'You can either smoke or go in the sun, but you can't do both or you'll get wrinkles.' She was hoping I'd pick the sun but I picked cigarettes instead.

How do you look after your skin?

C: I swear by Dermalogica products - they're really effective for my dry skin.

J: My skin's quite dry and sensitive, so I use a gentle peeling mask to get rid of dead skin, and at night I wear an old lady-style heavy-duty night cream.

What's your exercise regime?

C: I run, I do power yoga and a cardio workout. I take a pilates video with me when I travel and do it in my hotel room.

J: I do yoga and pilates. When you're as little as I am, you don't want to bulk up, but you do want to get your muscles long and lean.

Do you eat healthily?

J: I gave up red meat because I found out I have high cholesterol. I don't eat fast food either - I've reached the age where I feel like I've been punched in the stomach if I eat junk.

C: I eat lots of vegetables and I try to stay low on carbs, but there are some days when I just end up eating bread and pasta. And I have a real weakness for chocolate, especially the dark stuff.

How do you deal with jet lag?

C: I take a vitamin supplement called EmergenC. And I try to adapt to the time zone quickly because I get run down when I'm tired.

J: Lots of water and anti-constipation tea. Regularity is the key to happiness.


Jordan (above) and Cerina (right) in teen scream fest Cabin Fever; A mix of electric and navy blue brings out Cerina's hazel eyes. Top from Monsoon Silver is blended into metallic purple with a soft brush for Jordan's pretty party look. Top from Warehouse
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