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Beauty's only Skinn-creep!

Byline: Suzie Brewer

SO the gorgeous Frank Skinner (ahem! ) reckons that women over 30 are hanging does he?

The gospel according to St Skinner claims that if you're single, female and older than 25 then you must be really ugly birds.

That's why Kylie's single of course, oh and Joely Richardson and Liz Hurley. I could go on but it's pointless. You see men like Skinner are born with an inflated sense of their own imagined importance - and looks - and sex appeal.

You'll find Skinner and his ilk skulking around every bar on a Friday night. They're the ugly ones who think if you spurn their burpbreathed advances that you must be a lesbian.

They're also the ones who make you question the sanity of the male race. "How on earth, " you think, "do you imagine they're in with a chance.

Have they seen themselves in the mirror lately?"

The sad thing is that women do go for Skinner because he's got a huge wad (of cash. ) And that makes me fear for the sanity of womankind. I say women - noooooooo!


FRANK STUPIDITY: Mmm. . . what a hunk!
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Title Annotation:Columns
Publication:Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 11, 2001
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