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Beatnik Partners With Ex'pression to Advance the Art of Web Sonification; New Curriculum Debuts With Beatnik Remix Contest For $8,000 Scholarship.

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 14, 1999--

Beatnik Inc., the leader in interactive audio technology, and Ex'pression Center for New Media today announced a far-reaching partnership to advance the study of interactive Web music and sound in a series of new certification courses dubbed "The Art and Science of Sonification."

To launch the groundbreaking program, Beatnik is sponsoring an $8,000 scholarship to Ex'pression that will be awarded to the winning student entry of a Beatnik Remix of the Thomas Dolby Robertson song "She Blinded Me With Science." The contest will be staged over three days during the MusicBiz-2005 conference held at the Ex'pression campus this weekend, on October 15-17, in Emeryville. In addition "She Blinded Me with Science" is available for remixing by the public, along with remixable songs from some of music's most popular artists, featured on Yahoo!(R)Digital (

The new partnership underscores the growing prominence of and demand for the skills to sonify Web sites with interactive music and sound. Ex'pression students will learn the technical and artistic elements of Beatnik's tools and Rich Music Format (RMF), which is emerging as a Web standard for secure, high quality, interactive, multi-track sound and music that does not require large file downloads or streaming.

"We have already arrived at what many people may think of as the future in music," said Gary Platt, President and Founder of Ex'pression. "The Internet is where a whole lot of music is going to be made from now on, from recording to mixing to sales and distribution. We've gone past the point where selling music meant CDs or records or tapes or anything you will hold in your hand. Because of this fantastic partnership with Beatnik, our students at Ex'pression will be in the first wave of professionals fully trained in these new digital media."

To highlight the new sonification courses at Ex'pression, Beatnik is hosting a Beatnik Remix contest of the hit song, "She Blinded Me With Science," for currently-enrolled Ex'pression students. Beatnik's interactive remix tracks enable students to use their web browsers to remix and submit their own unique version of "She Blinded Me With Science." By breaking down MP3 songs to their core musical elements of guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals, interactive remixes turn a browser into a miniature sound studio. Each instrument is on a separate track that students can mute, solo or chose variations. Dolby Robertson, founder of Beatnik, will select the winning remix entry, and the student will receive an $8,000 scholarship to Ex'pression.

"This is a very exciting time for anyone with a passion for music and sound to acquire the kinds of skills that will bring this new wave of sonification to the Web," said Thomas Dolby Robertson, Chief Beatnik, of Beatnik, Inc. "Ex'pression students have tremendous talent and creativity and I'm looking forward to hearing how they take my song to a new level."

Student entries to the Beatnik Remix contest will be accepted over a three-day period during the MusicBiz-2005 conference, from 10 a.m. October 15 through midnight of October 17, and will be hosted in the NT and Apple labs at Ex'pression. The labs will provide up to 60 stations outfitted with Beatnik Players for students to create, save and send their submissions to Thomas Dolby Robertson directly through a secure URL. The contest winner will be announced to the press October 25, 1999.

About Ex'pression Center for New Media

Ex'pression opened its doors last January, dedicated to teaching just two courses of study: Digital Visual Media and Sound Arts. Both feature nine hours of instruction a day, five days a week for 14 months straight. Students are expected to emerge from this total immersion boot camp ready to sieze coveted positions in Hollywood special effects shops, professional recording studios, corporate media departments and a wide range of Internet, multimedia and entertainment industries.

About Beatnik, Inc.

Beatnik, Inc. is the premier technology platform to create, deliver, and experience interactive audio on the Web. The Beatnik Audio Engine for the digital playback of audio has been licensed to an expanding family of strategic partners, including Microsoft's WebTV Networks, Sun Microsystems, Netscape, Intel and Liberate (formerly NCI). Beatnik's web authoring tools are used by Web designers in the creation of Web sites such as MTV Online, Yahoo, Altoids and David and also ship with products from Macromedia and NetObjects. The Beatnik Player currently allows over 7 million Web surfers to experience the power of interactive music and audio. Its Rich Music Format (RMF) is the Web standard for high quality, multi-track music with file sizes that are small enough not to require streaming and are secure per Web site usage. By coupling expert engineering skills with an expanded catalogue of musical content, Beatnik, Inc. is dedicated to realizing new possibilities for interactive music and audio on the Internet. Beatnik, Inc. (formerly Headspace, Inc.) was incorporated in 1996 with a team of software innovators and world-renowned visionary, musician and composer Thomas Dolby Robertson.
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Date:Oct 14, 1999
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