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Beastly bread and jungle toast.

You Need: Several slices of wheat bread Cookie cutters (any that you have will work,

but animal cookie cutters are best) Toaster (optional) Lowfat cheese (sliced) These ingredients are optional: peanut butter,

raisins, honey

You Do:

1. For Jungle Toast, ask an adult to help you put a piece of bread in the toaster. For Beastly Bread, skip this step. 2. Place the bread (or toast) on a cutting board. 3. Use a cookie cutter to cut the animal (or other) shape into the bread. You may be able to cut two or more shapes out of each piece. 4. Save any unused pieces of the bread and feed the ducks or birds in your neighborhood. 5. Use the same cookie cutter you used on the bread to cut out a slice of cheese. It will fit your animal perfectly! 6. If you don't have cheese, spread peanut butter or honey on your Jungle Toast or Beastly Bread. Use raisins for eyes or spots. Any way you dress it up, it's a tasty beast. And wheat bread is good for you, too.
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Date:Apr 1, 1995
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