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Beardsley & Piper.

Our Company

Since 1914, Beardsley & Piper has designed and manufactured foundry equipment that is renowned for its durability, technology and efficiency. Our commitment to quality and proven record of success have made us a worldwide industry leader--and innovator.

Beardsley & Piper offers our customers a wider range of modern methods and cost-saving machines than other single sources. The industries we serve can be confident that each piece of B&P equipment will be dependable, long lasting and will perform above industry standards. The excellence of B&P equipment can be relied upon to increase production and profits, year after year.

Our dedication to cost consciousness guarantees that Beardsley & Piper quality is affordable in every plant. From the U.S. to Canada, throughout Mexico, South America, the Far East, and Pacific Rim countries of Asia, as well as throughout high-tech markets in Europe, B&P has provided industry-leading technology at better-than-competitive prices.

Today, Beardsley & Piper is providing equipment to meet the challenges of the 1990s and beyond. B&P manufactures over 150 models of molding, coremaking, sand preparation and recycling equipment that integrates technology, design, systems control and environmental sensitivity.

Molding Machine Capabilities

B&P Match-Blomatics are currently available in seven models that meet a wide range of mold production requirements and budgets. B&P Match-Blomatic Automatic Matchplate Molding Machines, with production rates of 250 or more molds per hour, can help achieve production increases of high-quality, ready-to-pour molds while raising foundry efficiency levels and reducing operating costs. Match-Blomatics are dependable, flexible, highly productive and maintain mold quality standards at the highest level.

Core Machine Capabilities

B&P manufactures a wide range of core-producing machines utilizing all modern processes in a suitable size range for automotive foundries to small five- to 10-person foundries. The five models of ABC Flexiblo are highly valued in foundries desiring to blow air-set type sands. Current ABC models are producing cores from 2-3000 lb per core. The multistation RMC Roto-Mold Corematic outproduces single station machines by 2.5:1. For coldbox operation, the B&P gas generator will guarantee amine usage to 2 lb or less per ton of sand.

Sand Preparation Capabilities

B&P also offers a complete line of sand preparation equipment designed for foundries of any size. Our speedmullors use a dynamic mulling principle to keep the sand in constant motion. Sand is mulled to full physical properties in the shortest possible cycle times and with minimum bond additions.

Sand Reclamation Capabilities

Economic and community "greening" demands make reclamation and recycling a profit consideration that is more sensible than ever.

The B&P Pneu-Reclaim Sand Reclamation Unit has been used effectively for many years by foundries wishing to recycle molding sands. This unit, augmented by B&P's preparatory and thermal sections, can efficiently reclaim most types of sand: silica, zirconium, olive contaminated with clays, cereals, silicates, resins and more. All types of molding sand can be used and reused, providing a materials cost savings while positively impacting the public.

Pneu-Reclaim Sand Reclamation Equipment combines compactness and operating economy to produce the most effective reclamation units available--saving foundries that have installed the system thousands of dollars each day.

Our Pledge

At B&P, we promise to continue our commitment to leadership and innovation in molding, coremaking, sand preparation and reclamation technology for the metalcasting industry. We pledge to continue our emphasis on providing informed and helpful customer service, superior engineering and technical support, outstanding machine and equipment design and lasting value and competitive pricing.

B&P will help your foundry function effectively in the marketplace.

Beardsley & Piper, 5501 W. Grand Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60639; 312/237-3700; fax 312/237-3763.
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