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Beard man bites dog "I've eaten 20 Yorkshire Puddings in a minute before so I think I'll be able to do 60!" Adam Moran; Adam finishes 6lb hotdog challenge in under 20 minutes.

Byline: Lauren Ballinger Social Media Editor

IT'S Huddersfield's premier eating challenge but it's taken a comer-in from Leeds to beat the Widowmaker!

The Ox and Bone at Firth Street challenges diners to try and polish off a giant 2ft hotdog stuffed with pulled pork, beef brisket, fries, chipotle, barbecue sauce and mustard weighing a gut busting 6lb all within 45 minutes.

And so far only two brave men have completed the challenge, with competitive eater Adam Moran aka Beard Meats Food polishing off the mammoth meal in a record time under 20 minutes.

"I've eaten And not only did Adam, 29, complete the challenge in half the time of the only other person to finish, he didn't find it much of a challenge Yorkshire in a minute at all. He still had room for pudding!

so I think to do 60!" He said: "It was quite easy. I'm surprised only one person has done it before. It was just a question of speed I wanted to try and do it as quickly as I could!

"I train for it so I eat quite a lot of food. This one was quite small I just did a 14lb challenge about three weeks ago which was basically a stone of meat I came short by about 2lb and the time ran out!

"Some people think it's unhealthy, but I'm in the gym for two hours a day so I burn it off!" Ox and Bone manager Karl Baird said: "The Widowmaker is very popular. Adam absolutely destroyed it. He pounced on it!

"Normally people get three quarters of the way through and then they hit a brick wall and that's them destroyed.

"Everyone thinks they can do it they are very confident when they start. Many have tried, and they have failed.

20 Puddings "I haven't tried it it's bigger than me!" Karl said the only way most people could polish off the Widowmaker was sharing it between two or three people and usually women could eat more than men!

before I'll be able Adam Moran He said: "If they do it they go on the board of fame there are only two people on there at the moment but if they fail they go on the board of shame, which is rammed!" Meanwhile, Adam's next challenge is a three-minute Yorkshire Pudding eating competition in York this weekend.

He said: "I've eaten 20 in a minute before so I think I'll be able to do 60!"


Main: Adam Moran, aka Beard Meats Food, with the Ox and Bone's |Widowmaker hotdog and, above, with his clean plate and time picture

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jun 27, 2015
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