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Bear Brewing to produce Whistler brands.

The Bear Brewing Co. of Kamloops, British Columbia, has signed a licensing agreement with the Big Rock Brewery of Calgary, Alberta to produce all the brands of the Whistler Brewing Company Ltd., which is now owned by Big Rock.

Chairman of Big Rock, Ed McNally states ... "Big Rock believes the brands and the associations brought together by these agreements will greatly improve its market position in British Columbia."

"We believe Whistler Brewing Company Ltd., and Bear Brewing Co. Ltd., by combining their brands production, distribution, marketing, and sales programs will achieve the economies of scale and steady sales growth. Kamloops is strategically located and will play a growing role in the new B.C. economy."
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Title Annotation:Big Rock Brewery; Whistler Brewing Company
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:May 14, 2001
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