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BeVocal unveils new voice solution.

BeVocal, a provider of managed call automation solutions to enterprises and service providers, has unveiled The ARC Approach, a voice solution delivery model intended to ensure that clients systematically achieve their desired customer care automation and caller satisfaction results. ARC (Aligned Incentives, Results Guaranteed and Continuous Improvement) enables customers to determine key performance metrics and goals, to receive fast and frequent tuning cycles to achieve those goals, and to align pricing with results.

Whereas customer premise equipment (CPE) vendors take their fees upfront, BeVocal's fees are earned based on the system's performance after deployment.

To ensure that customer automation goals are met, BeVocal applies its "Continuous Improvement Process to each deployment. This process has five distinct parts: high impact improvement levers; results-driven client teams; relevant KPIs and call statistics; enhanced analytical and tuning tools; and regular tune-ups.

The final component of ARC is "Results Guaranteed." BeVocal's speech and performance monitoring expertise enables the company to estimate an application's achievable automation rate, then utilize the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure clients meet their automation goals.

"This model provides for the continuous design and performance optimization of speech applications; in doing so, BeVocal's customers can dramatically improve call deflection rates and customer service without heavy upfront investment," Daniel Hong, Datamonitor voice business analyst, said.

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Title Annotation:The ARC Approach
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Date:Mar 1, 2005
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