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BeVocal Launches ``The ARC Approach,'' a Unique Voice Solution Delivery Model Which Guarantees That Clients Achieve Their Business Objectives.

DALLAS -- BeVocal, a provider of managed call automation solutions to enterprises and service providers, today unveiled The ARC(TM) Approach, a unique voice solution delivery model which ensures that clients systematically achieve their desired customer care automation and caller satisfaction results. ARC, which stands for Aligned Incentives, Results Guaranteed and Continuous Improvement, enables clients to determine key performance metrics and goals, to receive fast and frequent tuning cycles to achieve those goals, and to align pricing with results. The approach is already winning accolades from clients, some who have quadrupled their call deflection rates as a result of ARC.

"Since adopting BeVocal's voice automation solution, Liberty has reduced live agent calls per subscriber by more than 60%, and has exceeded industry benchmarks for self-service automation," said George Wolfand, Senior Vice President of Operations, Liberty Wireless. "BeVocal worked with us from day one to improve our customer care automation rates. We look forward to working with BeVocal to continuously reduce our cost per subscriber and improve the customer experience within Liberty."

BeVocal's ASP model enables the company to Align Incentives with its clients. Whereas customer premise equipment (CPE) vendors take their fees upfront, BeVocal's fees are earned based on the system's performance after deployment. BeVocal is motivated to drive up call deflection rates months and years after a system is first launched, since its recurring revenue is dependent on the success of the client system.

To ensure that customer automation goals are met, BeVocal applies its unique Continuous Improvement Process to each deployment. This process has five distinct parts:

--High Impact Improvement Levers - Application improvement efforts are centered on 6 high impact levers: business process, data intelligence, recognition accuracy, dialog design, system responsiveness, and new automation areas.

--Results-driven Client Teams - Clear ownership and accountability for each of these areas is provided by improvement area owners - comprised of both business process and speech experts

--Relevant KPIs and Call Statistics - BeVocal's Client Command Center measures Key Performance Indicators and call statistics such as task completion rate and call deflection rate

--Powerful Analytical & Tuning Tools - Powerful application analytics and enhancements are enabled by tools that analyze recognition accuracy and call flows, as well as system availability and responsiveness

--Regular Tune-Ups - Regular tune-ups occur until targets are reached, followed by check-ups and minor tune-ups after the targets are achieved

The final component of ARC is Results Guaranteed. BeVocal's speech and performance monitoring expertise enables the company to accurately estimate an application's achievable automation rate, then utilize the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure clients meet their automation goals. BeVocal's performance-based pricing structure further ensures the company will strive for the optimum call deflection rates even after initial targets are met.

"Typically, self-service rates for voice-enabled call automation systems start at 20-30% following initial deployment, but many can achieve 80% or better automation rates over time with the right focus and discipline on continuous improvement of the applications," says Mikael Berner, CEO of BeVocal. "The ARC approach has garnered our clients above-average automation rates, impressive cost savings and greater customer satisfaction across the board. We're delighted to share in their success."

"BeVocal's intensive pay-per-performance approach is a tangible performance-motivator for both BeVocal and its customers," said Daniel Hong, Voice Business Analyst at Datamonitor. "This model provides for the continuous design and performance optimization of speech applications, in doing so BeVocal's customers can dramatically improve call deflection rates and customer service without heavy upfront investment. Both enterprise and service provider companies are certain to find this approach an attractive alternative to the popular customer premise-based (CPE) model found today."

About BeVocal

BeVocal provides managed call automation solutions which help enterprises and service providers reduce operating costs while significantly improving customer service levels. Working with a rich library of voice application modules optimized for performance and usability, BeVocal's solutions delivery team can deliver high quality solutions deployed on BeVocal's hosting network to answer, automate and route customer care calls. BeVocal also provides a carrier grade application hosting environment, and tools for customers and partners to build their own voice applications using BeVocal Cafe, the industry's top VoiceXML development environment. BeVocal is headquartered in Mountain View, California. For more information, go to or call 650-641-1611.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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