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Be your own inspector.

When you check out your M16 rifle or M4 carbine, look for these problems ...

Charging handle: Won't lock in forward position; latch broken

Selector lever: Stuck; won't hold position

Bolt catch: Won't hold bolt and carrier open

Rear sight: Ears bent; windage drum damaged; detent stuck

Forward assist assembly: No spring tension or moves rough

Front pivot pin and rear takedown pin: Either pin is difficult to move or can be removed from rifle; pins won't lock open or closed

Buffer assembly: Retainer won't hold; buffer badly corroded, cracked

Buttstock: Stock turns, loose, separated from lower receiver; swivel busted; butt plate or screw missing; any deep cuts or breaks or any cracks longer than one inch near the receiver

Handguards: Cracks longer than one inch or that run into handguard retaining flange; heat shields rattle while handguards installed; heat shields missing; all three front retaining tabs missing

Upper receiver: Cracked or badly dented; locking lugs chipped

Chamber: Pitted

Lower receiver: Cracked

Trigger mechanism: Hammer does not engage sear, lock-release levers or trigger

Front sight: Loose, bent; detent and post stuck

Ejection port cover: Loose, missing; won't close

Magazine catch button: No spring tension; won't hold magazine

Magazine: Dirty or rusty; tube dented or weak; won't seat in magazine well; follower stuck or has weak spring tension

Bolt: Cracked; face badly pitted; locking lugs chipped or burred; rings bent or distorted or spaced wrong; bolt slides easily into carrier

Extractor: Spring weak; insert not inside spring; claw damaged; pin bad

Barrel: Bulged; bore badly pitted

Bayonet stud: Broken

Flash suppressor: loose, busted

Firing pin retaining pin: Bent, broken or missing

Cam pin: Cracked or missing

Firing pin: Cracked, blunted, missing

Bolt carrier: Body cracked, badly corroded

Carrier key: Cracked, loose, badly corroded; gas port clogged, carrier and key screws sheared off, missing

Ejector: Won't work; stuck in bolt; weak spring


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Title Annotation:M16-Series Rifle, M4/M4A1 Carbine ...
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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