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Be the hot chick (in 10 simple steps): want to be instantly cuter and cooler? Then you gotta get it right in your head, young lady. These 10 simple tricks will help you transform from ok to oh-wow ... right now.

Some girls try sooo hard to get a guy's attention. The really embarrassing scenario is when a girl acts too into him with "ooh, baby" eye contact or over-the-top hair-flipping and giggle "signals." Other times, a girl will swing the other way because she's secretly shy. So she'll go for the hard-to-get aloof routine, basically behaving as if she hates the guy. These are amateur maneuvers, not snag-him strategies.

If you want to get noticed without looking like an extra on the The O.C., you're on the right page. Summer means your playing field is large, and there are more available guys. Your choices increase, so your chances of getting it right increase. And getting a sweet, smart, into-you boy to notice you does not translate to dressing skimpy or faking like you're into stuff just to impress.

What it does mean is being the best version of yourself. It means confidence. It means having fun and not thinking about if you said the right thing or wore the right outfit. It means talking, laughing, digging your friends and simply just hanging cool. It means mastering the ways of the Hot Chick. Want to be her? We thought so. Keep reading.

The Meet

When he's right in front of you.


By medical-world definitions, when you're nervous, your heart pumps harder and faster, which means there's a serious rush of blood to the head and gut. Thinking is harder because breathing is challenged. By boy-world definitions, when you're nervous, no guy can really tell. Guys don't know what shy looks like. They just remember whether or not you were nice or sweet or whatever.

So, just fake it 'til you get past those first few edgy minutes, because you will get a grip. Try this: Gently bite the corner of your lower lip. It smarts enough to help you remember to breathe (which helps you to think, which helps you to relax), but is still quite cute and flirty.

When he's checking you out.


Summer is about baring a little more than usual, since it's too hot to hang out in your usual jeans and hoodie. And sometimes it's a little hard not to be self-conscious about your bod. But a better option is to up your confidence. How? Resolve not to think about your body but to think instead about what's in front of you--a store, a pool, the sun, your BFF, skater boy.

Even just a fleeting moment of self-consciousness can alter your body language (crossed arms, sagging shoulders), which is figure-unflattering and transmits as, "I feel ugly." Trick your mind with a perfect pose: Straighten your back, pull the shoulders behind you a bit, raise your chin slightly, and simply hold on to your shoulder-bag strap with those hands. This is the brain science behind fashion modeling--see how confident it makes supermodels look. No one focuses on how fat or not-flat your belly is, except you. So stop.

When he finally says "hi."


Most boys love to talk about themselves. So get him going on something he's into, and just watch how fast things turn in your favor. The one glitch is that lots of guys aren't talkers around girls--even a class clown might shy-out around a girl he thinks is cute. So ask a genuine question that can't be answered with a "yes" or "no," such as why he's at the mall (since that's where you ran into him).

There's also standard conversation-sparking stuff, like if he's going on any trips this summer or has heard of anything fun to do at night. If he responds by turning the question back to you ("Not really, what about you?"), simply answer. Tell him you've been hoping to find a cool all-ages club and how your family is going to Nags Head in August. Just don't go overboard. Yammering on and on about yourself is the ultimate turn-off for a guy, so remember that your goal is to get him talking.

When he's showing off.


During the school year, you're managing homework and other social stuff, so setting out to learn a new skill is a huge time-sucker. Now that it's summer and weather is your friend, consider learning something that's a "guy thing." Why pluck piano keys if your instructor is some retired music teacher?

Wouldn't it be cooler to get private lessons from some cutie? Golf can be a winner. If that's too starchy for you, learn to surf or join a co-ed soccer team. Then, the obvious trick is to find the boy you think is skilled (read: hot), and ask him if he will help you improve your swing, catch the perfect wave or do a mean header. He'll be into showing you what he's about. Betcha.

When he hints at hooking up.


His signal might be subtle, or he might just ask outright what you're doing tomorrow night. Either way, it's so completely common for a guy to throw the ball in a girl's court when it comes to committing to the hook-up. What to do? Ask him for his digits. If that sounds painfully scary, you could just say you'll e-mail him later, which is an obvious cue for him to offer up his Hotmail address.

Dating veterans learned long ago that being in control of the contact info is key to a successful romance. Waiting with the cordless on your lap is a total waste of time and, quite frankly, desperate, if he wants to program your number in his cell, fine, but get his, too. And we don't care how poser-ish this sounds but, when he calls, let it ring twice before answering. Too eager is just ... too eager.

The Date

When he asks you a question.


Here is the most annoying thing anyone, girl or guy, can say on a date: "I dunno--whatever you wanna do." Any variation of the "I don't have a clue" response to a question regarding what to eat, where to go or what to do is a surefire way to stunt any romantic momentum you've already achieved with your guy. It makes you seem passive and unsure of yourself.

If he wants to go for some food that breaks you out in hives the shade of strawberries, be straight and tell him sweetly that raw fish turns your face into a red balloon. If he wants to see a movie you've already seen with your friends, simply tell the guy the troth--but be sure to suggest an alternative (a non-chick flick, please). The point is to express your opinion, just like you would with a girl friend. It's that easy. The overly agreeable and indifferent date? Not Hot Chick qualities.

When he orders food.


Who wants to hit House of Pancakes with a priss who will only order a Diet Sprite and a wimpy fruit cup? Take a cue from smart, healthy girls, and just eat, dude. Order whatever you're cravin', and enjoy it. If you're liking your food, you're liking the hang time, and this vibe will rub off on him.

This is the stuff of a good date and the makings of a compatible couple. Just, please, watch your table manners. Don't forget, you want him to find you hot, so don't devour your chili dog in two giant chomps. Take smaller bites, chew with your mouth closed, and hit the ladies room afterward to check for food in your teeth. A mint and re-gloss will polish you off, Hot Chick-style.

When he mentions other people.


Some people like to talk about stuff. Others like to talk about themselves. But everyone talks about people they know. Keep in mind that your guy chose his friends and they're likely here to stay. Even if he's complaining about his buddy, supportive and positive responses to his conversation are the way of the Hot Chick. Seriously, do you want to turn off a guy fast? Here's how: Repeat some gossip, mild or juicy, that you've heard about somebody you both know.

It's not impressive to "know" what people are up to, because you can't always be for-sure if gossip is truth or rumor. Even if it's on a strictly subconscious level, he'll wonder what's said about him after leaving the company of someone who has been ragging on someone else behind that person's back. Boys do not think girls who rip on other people are cool. It's just petty and mean. Period.

When he's with his friends.


One sure way to know if a guy is into you? He introduces you to his friends. He might not be formal about it, but if you're with him and he's with his buddies, then you know he likes you. Sometimes, a guy needs a thumbs-up from his buddies because he's unsure, maybe a little immature, or just wants his friends and future girlfriend to get along so his worlds don't collide.

Not all boys are ready for girls in their lives, at least on a romantic level, so remember that he could have a bud who won't like you just because you're with his dawg ... and you're a stinkin' girl. We recommend going for cool-girl status. Inexperienced boys think girls are weird, so just prove 'em wrong by being your coolest, most pleasant self.

When he vibes you for a kiss.


You've been a good listener, eaten a hearty meal, happily offered suggestions about where to spend the date and even resisted telling him that his X-Box buddies are pimply dorks. So now what? Looks like you, sister, might be heading for some smoochin' time. If he's looking at your lips somewhat nervously or making any maneuvers to touch your hand or shoulder ... he's probably coming in for The Kiss.

Hot Chicks know that the best move is to vibe him back with excellent body language. If you want a kiss from your date, turn toward him, lean ever-so-slightly into him, look in his eyes, and gently touch his wrist, forearm, a finger. Licking your lips (just once) while he's looking at you isn't a bad idea, either. When his face is in yours, tilt your head and let him do his thing. And breathe. Then repeat. Then repeat again....

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