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Be careful.

Byline: M.Z.RIFAT - Lahore

This is to draw attention of Federal Science and Technology Minister Ch Fawwad Hussain through these columns to be watchful and careful about what he is doing and saying in the public. It has been noticed that he often talks outside his domain without realizing that he was Federal Information and Broadcasting Minister but he has since long been replaced by Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan as the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on I and B.

He should also differentiate between what is to be said in the public, before the media and in tweets and what , particularly something which is drastically outside his domain, in the cabinet and party meetings .

Lately, he has been talking and saying in the public what should strictly be pointed in the cabinet and party meetings to be discussed at these appropriate platforms and only said outside before the media or n the public.

There are many instances to be quoted regretfully and painfully in this regard reflecting on ill-advised and out of domain by the Federal Science and Technology Minister.

Just for instance, the pother day Prime Minister/ PTI Chairman Imran Khan tweeted about formulation of practical code of ethics prior to the possibility of students unions revival . The Federal Minister said publicly, as reported on the electronic media, that the students unions be revived immediately without realizing in saying so he is trying to bypass the prime minister.

In accomplishing the desire to be on the electronic media channels on every relevant and irrelevant issue/matter most of the time, one should not forget that as the federal minister one is bound to follow the government as well as the party policies, please. Thanks.

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Author:M.Z.RIFAT - Lahore
Publication:The Nation (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Jan 2, 2020
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