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Be careful of your Greek approach.

THE situation in Greece surely is a modern-day tragedy. With the Greek people at breaking point the Germans insist that austerity measures continue and that Greece pay back the money that has been pumped into Greece in an attempt to prop up a failed experiment "the Euro".

It was OK when the German government pumped money into the Greek economy and in return the Greek people were using that money to buy German luxury goods while at the same time paying back the loan - the Germans were in a win-win situation. However when the Greek economy failed and they could no longer pay back the money or afford to keep on buying German goods, the Germans have turned on them demanding that the money is repaid.

I wonder if the British Government should ask Germany to repay all of the money we pumped into the country after WW2 to get the German economy working.

I expect not. One example of British involvement in the German recovery is the enormous success of Volkswagen which would not have happened without British money (which we borrowed from America and have since paid back).

I think the German government needs to tread very carefully on how it resolves the Greek debt tragedy, it can not continue with a two-faced approach.

ALAN PIPER, UKIP councillor.

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Geographic Code:4EUGR
Date:Feb 25, 2015
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