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Be a hot beauty: old-school beauty booty for a sizzlin' summer.

There's a ton of new summer make-up, hair care stuff and body products, but who says new is always better? We're hitting rewind and sharing our all-time best summer beauty tips. In the water or in the heat, dressed up or hanging out, here are our sure-thing summer secrets to looking hot. We're nice like that.


Sunscreen, especially for your face, is the broken-record tip you'll hear and (hopefully) adhere to for the rest of your life. And, yes, we know, sunscreens can bring breakouts ... unless you sing a new tune and try our favorite: Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Lite Oil Free Sunblock SPF30 ($25, This is the lightest, best-absorbing, not-greasy lotion we've ever tried. It doesn't cause breakouts or make skin look ashy, despite the fact it has the gold standard of sun protection, Parsol 1789, which provides extra protection against damaging UVA radiation. It's $25, but so worth it.


Shiny gloss attracts the sun, which can burn lips. And burned lips turn to sandpaper or, worse, can produce blisters. Not pretty. Still, a girl needs her gloss, and the gloss we love best is Smackers. It's an easy switch from the usual Strawberry to Smackers Clip 'n Go Sport Balm in Watermelon Wave ($1.35, drugstores). Not only is it totally handy (you can snap it onto anything), but it has SPF 24 to keep lips sun-safe.


Somehow, French manicures and pedicures are still popular. True confession: We hate 'era. They just look awful. And they chip almost instantly, which makes it even worse. Stick to keeping your nails short and painting them with one coat of a pretty neutral like Essie Limo-Scene topped with one coat of Essie Sunblock Top Coat ($8 each, to keep your polish from yellowing.


Summer means ditching eyeshadow, mascara and liner. While it's great not to have 3 p.m. raccoon eyes, no makeup on the eyes can leave them looking a little lost on your face. Meet your two new best beauty friends--an eyelash curler and a professional brow waxer.

We love Revlon's Cushion-Grip Lash Curler ($7, drugstores). Curling lashes helps open your eyes, without mascara. Next up, brow waxing (about $8, salons). It can be a tad ouchy, but getting your arches shaped by an expert leaves your eyes gorgeously framed.


One word--ponytail. OK, nothing new but, during the summer, you need an unfussy style that gets your hair off-your neck and still looks pretty. To keep yours looking more going-out than going-to-the-gym, position it slightly high on your head, pulling the sides of hair in an upward diagonal. Add a dab of shine cream to the ends (Clairol Herbal Essences Aloe Smoothing Creme, $3, drugstores) to keep 'em smooth.


We hate ingrowns. Annoying at best, painful at worst, ingrowns are those red, swollen, zit-like bumps from bikini hairs that do a U-turn, getting trapped under your skin's surface and growing back down. Thank goodness for Tend Skin ($20, Its ace@salicylic acid helps slough off the dead skin that traps hair so those puppies can reach the surface. Tend Skin can be drying, so dab it on existing spots in the morning, then swipe a Tend Skin-soaked cotton ball over your bikini area a few times a week at night. No more bikini bumps.


Every season, about a million skin cancer reports are sent to the media, with unsavory photos of young folks who thought lying in the sun was groovy but ended up with chunks of their faces, ears or whatever being surgically removed to prevent lying out forever ... six feet under. This is why most editors don't step out in summer without major SPF.

Still, when spring came, a few GL editors forgot the sun was the sun, and three chicas wound up with burnt noses and fried lips, which became peel-y messes. That's when GL assistant editor Jasmen Davis handed out Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($6, drugstores). This miracle product not only saved faces (the peeling stopped within days) but, when used on cracked heels (barefoot much?), it was all soon butter-soft.

Q & A

How do I get a believable looking fake tan?

The Paris Hilton orange tan went out with Juicy tracksuits. Go for a subtle "tan" with a low-strength formula like Jergens Natural Glow ($6, drugstores). Give yourself enough color to keep from looking pasty but not wood-panel deep. When you fake-tan your face, mimic how the sun naturally hits you. Apply a small dab to your forehead, bridge of your nose and cheeks, smoothing it up into your hairline. Give your chin a shot, and mix what's left on your fingers with moisturizer and rub onto the rest of your face.
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