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One hardly sees any graffiti in the city, so this one caught our attention. And then we started being more attentive and found some more in the city. It's usually just names, where some lovelorn individual has written his name alongside the name of the person he's smitten by and a heart sign. My best wishes to these individuals with their love life. But the city's walls are not the place to give vent to their desperation and unrequited love.

We spotted this piece of curious art on Rex Road in an empty plot of land sandwiched between apartment buildings. It is unlike any graffiti we have seen in the city and have been wondering if there is some deeper significance to it that we have completely missed. Whatever the case, we would like Muscat's walls to remain clean and graffiti-free.

In most cases, whenever graffiti appears on any wall in Muscat, it is promptly removed. But this particularly one has remained intact for more than a month now. It would be a shame if other 'artists' are encouraged by this and start defacing other walls.

Sent by -- Deep

Date -- August 18, 2014

Location - Rex Road

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Publication:The Week (Muscat, Oman)
Date:Aug 21, 2014
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