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Baystate Technologies Ships Multi-Faceted CADKEY(R) 98.

New Product Boasts Advanced Solid Modeling, Photorealistic Rendering,

Multiple Document Interface and New Level of Speed and 3D Modeling Stamina

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Baystate Technologies, Inc. announced today that it is shipping a major new release of their flagship product, CADKEY 98, a leading 3D/2D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) solution available for Windows 95/98/NT 4.x. CADKEY 98's integration of FastSOLID(TM) (previously sold separately for $995) and ACIS(R) 4.2 advanced solid modeling technology introduces late-breaking 3D design capabilities for mechanical applications, along with a strategic combination of new functionality and improvements in speed and modeling stamina.

The product features several new productivity enhancements including multiple document interface (MDI), a Smart Cursor feature, and a CADKEY 3D Viewer. Also a part of the new feature line-up is Photorealistic Rendering for creating life-like images of 3D models created in CADKEY. Users can now visualize and virtually prototype their ideas in a wide variety of colors, materials, and textures.

Wide Range of New Features in Solid and Surface Modeling

By implementing the latest solid modeling advances of FastSOLID and ACIS 4.2 technology into CADKEY 98's versatile hybrid modeling environment, users can quickly and easily modify solids, without constraints, using powerful local operators. Highlights include dynamic primitive creation, new lofted solids and variable radius blending. Advanced spline, plane, vector, and point creation features enhance CADKEY 98's superior 3D modeling capabilities. Solids editing functionality introduces entity to entity trimming with curves, surfaces and other solids.

Complex surface blending in CADKEY 98 receives a boost with a new ACIS end-capping algorithm used to extend surfaces in complex modeling situations. The addition of rolling ball surface functionality takes advantage of new math algorithms to increase performance and robustness of blending when addressing spline faces and other difficult blend situations. New surface evaluators can increase modeling speed from two to ten times depending on the operation. The most impressive leap in performance comes in the blending of spline geometry. New shelling features are particularly useful in product design and moldmaking applications.

Photorealistic Rendering for Improved Virtual Prototyping

To visualize every angle of your 3D design, photorealistic rendering capabilities are now included in CADKEY. Users can assign materials and textures to solid models. For ultimate control, users can set up lighting and camera angles, and apply ray tracing to produce high quality, realistic images. Images can be exported via the TIF file format.

Enhancements for Maximum Usability

CADKEY 98 introduces a productivity boost across the board with a 2D/3D Smart Cursor feature enabling users to automatically snap to points -- end, center, midpoint, quadrants, and 2D and 3D intersections -- during model creation. The product's new Multiple Document Interface (MDI) allows users to load multiple part files and easily cut-copy-paste between CADKEY part files to easily reuse existing solid, surface or wireframe data from other models.

New Additions to CADKEY's Unsurpassed Lineup of Data Translators

CADKEY 98 incorporates a new STEP(TM) Translator to import and export CAD data using STEP AP203 standards. AutoCAD(R) R14 file format support based on the OpenDWG Alliance(TM) Toolkit rounds out CADKEY 98's full spectrum of data translators including IGES, DXF(TM), STL, CADL, VRML, and the SAT file format for importing or exporting 2D/3D data to other ACIS-enabled CAD/CAM/CAE applications.

Other Baystate Technologies Products

CADKEY WIREFRAME, CADKEY 98, and CADKEY DESIGN SUITE each deliver an ascending level of mission-critical CAD functionality required for the bulk of mechanical applications performed by engineers. This product line's ease-of-use, high end 3D design capabilities, 2D drafting, and "in the box" data translators provide three winning CAD choices for migrating 2D-to-3D CAD users and professionals who require the powerful versatility of a 3D hybrid modeling environment. Users can easily add other CADKEY-integrated products such as FastSURF(R), an advanced surface modeling program, and DRAFT-PAK(R), the exclusive "Machine Design Handbook for CADKEY."

Pricing and Support

CADKEY 98 is sold for US $1,995 through Authorized Baystate/CADKEY Dealers. For dealer referral in USA/Canada, call Baystate Technologies at 1-800-372-3872. For International Distributor referral call 1-508-229-2020. Free technical support is available via the Web site:, Email: and via, Fax: 508-460-0724.

Technical support programs are also offered through Authorized Baystate/CADKEY Dealers.

About Baystate Technologies

Baystate Technologies, with headquarters in Marlborough, MA, develops, manufactures, and markets the price/performing CADKEY and CADKEY-integrated 2D/3D PC-CAD product lines -- CADKEY WIREFRAME, CADKEY 98, CADKEY DESIGN SUITE, FastSURF, and DRAFT-PAK -- for diverse engineering applications. Dedicated solely to the mechanical CAD marketplace, Baystate's software development efforts focus on incorporating market- and customer-driven product enhancements. With over 265,000 copies shipped worldwide, Baystate's award-winning products are widely used in the international marketplace for everyday mechanical design. For late-breaking information, visit Baystate's Internet World Wide Web site at

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