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Bayer to phase out aldicarb insecticide by 2018.

Bayer to phase out aldicarb insecticide by 2018: Bayer CropScience has agreed to phase out production of the insecticide aldicarb by the end of 2014 and to end all uses of the product four years later in response to studies that that suggest the insecticide may pose unacceptable dietary risks to young children. An agreement between the Environmental Protection Agency and Bayer comes amid concerns raised by a new agency risk assessment that focused on aldicarb's effects on young children and infants who may be exposed when consuming citrus and other crops sprayed with the insecticide. Additional exposures to aldicarb have been found to come from drinking water from wells located near fields where the insecticide has been sprayed.
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Title Annotation:NEWS & COMMENT
Publication:The Food & Fiber Letter
Date:Aug 23, 2010
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