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Bay brings light and storage to entry.

It's a classic case of a small change making a huge difference. The tiny entry area in this Seattle house was depressingly cramped. Architect Michael Shoffner designed a bay that not only brings daylight into the boxy space, but also provides storage for briefcases, handbags, and walking shoes.

Angling out 20 inches from a 50-inchwide opening, the bay contains three windows. The ones on the sides open to admit summer breezes. The counter capping the storage compartment is 30 inches above the floor good for display or for laying a purse or a pair of gloves as you button up to go out. Touch latches make for easy opening when arms are full.

Supporting the bay, new floor joists tie back to the existing ones and cantilever 20 inches beyond the house wall. Matching siding and composition roofing help the addition blend in.
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Date:Apr 1, 1989
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