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Bawany Sugar Mills.

Bawany Sugar Mills Limited is one of the leading Manufacturers of Sugar in Pakistan. The sugar mill is situated at Talhar, Distt. Badin, Sindh. The company has modernised the plant by changing the process of production from Double Carbonation and Double Sulphitation to Defecation Remelt. In addition to the modernisation of changing of process of production the company has undertaken the programme of balancing and modernisation at a cost of approximately Rs. 36 million in order to update the plant and improve the milling efficiency. For this purpose, the company has executed agreements with National Development Finance Corporation for obtaining long term LMM finance of Rs. 15 million and GT finance of Rs. 6.207 million. The NDFC has also agreed to provide foreign currency loan of Approx. Rs. 8.18 million. The balance amount required to finance the project will be met through internal cash generation.

Bawany Sugar Mills Ltd. has played a vital role in maximising the sugar production in Pakistan. The company has put all its efforts and available resources to increase cane cultivation by distributing fertilizers and pesticides to the growers, giving cash loans, seeds and agricultural implements. The company also pays additional cane price by way of quality premium to growers on average recovery above 8.70% as per order of the government every year. The overall performance of the company depends upon the professional management and skill of the company's team of qualified engineers, technicians, agronomist and sugar technologists who are efficiently operating the plant.

Return to Shareholders

The total paid-up capital of the company stands at Rs. 44.00 million. The details of dividend and bonus shares paid by the company to its shareholders during the past five years are given in table:

The performance of company in terms of production and profitability remains satisfactory and the shareholders have been paid good dividend annually. The company has received "FOOD/EUROPE AWARD" in 1981 and the prestigious Gold Mercury Award in 1982 for its meritorious performance. Bawany Sugar Mills Limited has also received Awards of Top Companies of 1980 to 1983 from the Karachi Stock Exchange Limited, for four consecutive years and also in the year 1985-86 and 1989-90 out of the 26th annual reports.

The Company's shares are quoted high on the Karachi/Lahore Stock Exchanges and enjoy the confidence of the investors.
 Cash Bonus
 Dividend Shares Total
Year (%) (%) (%)
1985-85 35.00 10.19 45.19
1986-87 32.50 - 32.50
1987-88 35.00 - 35.00
1988-89 40.00 - 40.00
1989-90 32.50 10.00 42.50
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Date:Dec 1, 1991
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