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Bauch & Lomb.


BAUSCH & LOMB has launched new packaging for its full range of gas permeable lenses. Borrowing technology from its soft lens packaging, the company is now providing gas permeable contact lenses pre-soaked in blisters, (pictured) meaning that practitioners or patients will no longer need to soak them when they first receive them.

Each lens, which is made to measure to an individual's prescription, is now provided in a blister containing Boston Advance conditioning solution with the label indicating the lens design and prescription. Also indicated is the 28-day expiry date for the solution.

"From talking to our customers, we became aware that some patients may not be soaking their GP lenses sufficiently before they inserted them for the first time, resulting in discomfort," said technical support manager, Steve Williams. "As we already provide our soft lenses in blisters and solution, we were able to study the process and apply it to our GP lenses, allowing patients to have an even more positive first experience of their GP lenses."

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Title Annotation:New launches; Bausch & Lomb gas permeable lenses
Publication:Optometry Today
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Date:Jul 1, 2011
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