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Battling snails are slugs. Let us hear from you.

To take stock of battle methods against snails and slugs, we'd like to hear from you. If you're a garden-mollusk fighter, we ask that you answer any or all of the questions below. From the responses, we hope to publish an article on what really works best.

1. which are most troublesome in your garden--snails, one or more of the slug types (tell us the color and size), or both? Which month(s) are they most rampant?

2. Which poison baits have you tried? How well did each work? Have slugs or snails in your garden ever become resistant to a poison bait?

3. If you have had pets poisoned by a snail or slug bait, please tell us about it. (This one is unpleasant but necessary.)

4. How well do barriers work for you (for example, commercial barrier products, eggshells, flour, gutter wire, sand, ashes)?

5. Has hand-picking of snails (or slugs) proved successful? What do you do with them after you pick them? At what hours do you usually hand-pick?

6. Have you tried lures such as beer, or traps such as wood boards where snails like to hide? How well did these work?

7. Have predatory (decollate) snails worked for you? Were there any problems? Are you satisfied with the results?

8. Have you tried ducks, geese, or other predators? Were you pleased with their mollusk-eating performance?

9. What other methods have you tried? How well did each work?

10. Which of your plants are the favorite food of snails and slugs? Which plants are the least prone to damage? Which plants serve as daytime dormitories?

Please send your reply to Snail and Slug Reports, Sunset, 80 Willow Rd., Menlo Park, Calif. 94025.
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Date:Apr 1, 1985
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