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Battle stations on the Eastern front; Game of the week.


COPC COMPANY OF HEROES 2 PC PS34.99 Moving away from the Saving Private Ryan-like exploits of the first game, COH 2 delivers its Second World War thrills through the eyes of Soviet and German forces. Focusing on the Eastern Front, it's a brutal and punishing strategy title, but one that's also incredibly rewarding.

thr for it's bu Accurately recreating the experience of being a battle commander, your tactics must be approached in a realworld way. All terrain and buildings are of tac wo destructible, meaning you'll need to find appropriate cover for your troops. Taking shelter in a farmhouse only for it to be obliterated by a tank can be a crushing defeat, while the ecstasy of taking out a heavily armoured battalion by cracking the frozen river on which they're standing is breathtaking.

Although RTS games are best played from a perspective high above the battlefield, zoom in close and you'll really appreciate the stunning visuals.

Not quite as intimidating as StarCraft 2, COH 2's focus on unit management rather than resource gathering leads to a tense and strategically challenging playing field on which to face-off against your pals.


STUNNING: The visuals are breathtakingly real

REWARDING: Strategically challenging
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 28, 2013
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