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Battle of networks: GMA, ABS-CBN both claiming leadership in ratings war.

RIVAL broadcasters GMA Network Inc. and ABS-CBN Corp. claimed separately on Tuesday that they led the ratings war in different areas, with the latter asserting dominance across the Philippines, while the former claimed dominance in its bailiwick areas in the Greater Manila Area.

Citing data from Neilsen TV Audience Measurement, the Gozon-led network said it beat its main competitor by a hairline difference with a 31.8-percent average audience share in Urban Luzon versus its rival's 31.7-percent share.

In Mega Manila, it scored an average of 32.4 percent, a 3.3-point difference versus the Lopez-led network's 29.1 percent.

Urban Luzon accounts for 72 percent of all all urban TV viewers in the country, while Mega Manila represents 60 percent of all urban households in the Philippines.

GMA, likewise, led the afternoon block at 33.3 percent versus its competitor's 32.2 percent; and the evening block, where it recorded an average audience share of 33.9 percent versus the competitor's 33.4 percent.

In a separate statement, ABS-CBN said it continued to be the No. 1 network in the country with an average national audience share of 45 percent versus its rival's 31-percent share in August, citing data from Kantar Media.

The Lopez-led entertainment and multimedia conglomerate also claimed leadership in Metro Manila and Mega Manila, where it scored an average audience share of 41 percent and 36 percent, respectively, against GMA's 25 percent and 31-percent share.

ABS-CBN also attracted more viewers than GMA in other areas. It won the ratings game in Total Luzon with an average total-day audience share of 41 percent, versus GMA's 34 percent; in Total Visayas with 55 percent versus GMA's 24 percent; and in Total Mindanao with 52 percent, versus GMA's 28 percent.

ABS-CBN also claimed it fared better against GMA in all time blocks. In the morning block it scored an average share of 39 percent versus its rival's 29 percent; while maintaining its lead in the noontime block at 46 percent versus the competition's 32 percent, and the afternoon block at 47 percent versus its rival's 33 percent.

It also sustained a 48-percent share in the prime-time block versus the Gozon-led network's 31-percent share.

The prime-time block is the most important part of the day when most Filipinos watch TV and advertisers put a larger chunk of their investment in to reach more consumers effectively.

GMA bases its claims to leadership from Nielsen data, which has a nationwide sample size of 3,500 urban and rural homes.

The Lopez-led network sources its data from Kantar Media, which uses a nationwide panel size of 2,610 urban and rural homes that represent 100 percent of the total Philippine TV viewing population.

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Publication:Business Mirror (Makati City, Philippines)
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Date:Sep 4, 2019
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