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Battle of Bennett's Island Prisoner List.

A list of the officers and soldiers belonging to Courtland Skinners Brigade taken at Lawrence (Bennett's) Island under command of Major Richard Stockton, by a party under command of Colonel Neilson on the morning of the 18th Instant.

(18 February 1777) - Historical Society of Pennsylvania


The following research on these soldiers' names has found connections to many Loyalists who were possibly previously unknown to be participants in this battle. As noted, many names have alternate spellings. [See Loyalist Institute]


* Loyalists documented on the official UELAC Directory.

UE? Appear qualified as Loyalists although their names do not appear on the official UELAC Loyalist List.

N/L No listings or documents have been found, perhaps due to death or relocation to other countries.

* Richard Stockton (6th Batt. NJV.) Major

* Asber Dunham (6th Batt. NJV) Capt

Francis Fraser (3rd Batt. NJV) Lieut.

* John Camp (3rd Batt. NJV) Ensign

* John Coombes (Coombs, K's Co. Grant 1784) Vol.

* John Homes (Holmes, Kingston UEL List) Private

Jacob Osburn (Osborne, 3rd Batt. NJV) Do

Wm. Pack (William, 3rd Batt. NJV) Do

Jno. Scott (John, Queen's Rgr's, died 1780) Do

Edwd. Gidens (Edward Gibbins, Vol. Ire.) Do

* Henry Smith (Prisoner 4th Batt. NJV) Do

* Jonathan Ruckman (John, UEL List) Do

Hugh Fitzpatrick(3rd Batt. NJV, Sick 1781) Do

* Wm. Chiristie (Will'm., King's Amer Drag.) Do

N/L Robt. Grimes (Robert) Do

N/L Jno. Aibly (John Allaby/Aliby) Corporal

* James McDonald (6th Batt. NJV) Sergt.

Jno. Ensley (John Insley, 1st/3rd Batt. NJV) Sergt.

Zebulon Cpckfor (Cockifer, 3rd Batt. NJV) Private

* Jas. Philips (James, St Andrews NB, UEL) Do

Jas. Parrison (James Patterson, Vol. Ire.) Do

N/L Jer. Boys (Jeremy Boyce/Boice/ Bois) Sergt

N/L Jno. Morris (John) Private

N/L Alexr. McGouin (Alexander McGuin) Do

Jas. Wilson (James, Buder's Rangers) Corpl.

UE? Philip Devier (King's Co Grant 1784) Private

James Ronen (Roney, 3rd Batt NJV) Do

* Jno. Totter (John Pottier, UEL List) Do

* Wm. Allen (Will'm,, Prisoner 1st Batt. NJV) Do

* Jno. Taylor (John, Prisoner 1st Batt. NJV) Do

N/L Thos Morgan (Thomas) Private

N/L Saml. Brailey (Samuel Braily/Baily) Do

N/L Wm. Clawson (William Classon) Do

* Dennis Combes (Combs/Coombes 3rd Batt. NJV) Sergt

*Jno. McMastar (John McMasters, K's Co. Grt 1784) Private

* Wm. Briton (Wilm. Britton/Brittan, 1st/3rd Batt NJV) Do

SamL Freeman (Samuel, 3rd Batt NJV) Do

* Jno. Hall (John, 3rd Batt NJV) Do

Wm. Donaldson (William, Queen's Rangers) Do

UE? Josiah Foster (3rd Batt NJV, Kings Co. Grant 1784) Do

N/L Davd. Cornwall (David) Do

N/L Wm. Marshell - Deserted (William Marshall) Do

UE? Cornelius Anderson (6th Batt NJV. K's Co Grant 1784) Do

* James Steward (UEL List) Do

N/L Henry Shaver Do

N/L Wm. Waldon (William) Do

Cornelius Cornel (Cornine?, Prisoner 1st Batt. NJV) Do

N/L Davd. Bloomfield (David) Corpl.

* Wm. Young (William, 3rd Batt. NJV Grant 1784) Private

N/L Jno. Croull (John Crowel/Crowell) Do

N/L Davd. Bayhes (David) Corpl.

UE? Isaac Mills (3rd Batt NJV, Kings Co. Grant 1784) Private

Luke Teple (Teeple Cpl., 3rd Batt. NJV) Do

N/L Jno. Sparling (John Sperling) Do

* Jas. Frazgr (James, 4th Batt. NJV, Carleton, NB) Do

* Thos. Moore (Thomas, Prisoner 3rd Batt. NJV) Do

* Wm. Banks (William, 3rd Batt NJV Grant 1784) Sergt.

N/L Richd. Hale (Richard) Private

* Alexr. Ingles (Alexander, St. John, NB, UEL List) Do

Mathew Boys (Boyce/Boice, Deserted 1st Batt NJV) Do
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