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Batters and crumbs.

Batters and Crumbs

Since launching Pandora Japanese crumb in 1981, RHM Ingredients has created many new batters and crumb coating systems.

Fresco, an irregular flakey crumb, can be supplied in either cereal or potato, with wheatgerm and stoneground varieties rating highly with European customers. The potato version is particularly effective on portioned fish products.

The company's Coatings-a-la-Carte concept, under which it formulates bespoke combinations of predust, batter and crumb, remains the definitive way for most processors to achieve the novelty the consumer craves.

Variations in flavour and visual appearance are achieved by introducing spices and herbs into the crumb, which is designed to be irregular and crunchy. The whole formulation seeks to replicate the kitchen work of the chef, both in authenticity of flavour and aroma, and in visual impact.

Latterly, RHM Ingredients of Owl Lane, Ossett, West Yorkshire, tel: 0924 280444 have restructured their range of batter mixes to offer the processor three options:

Firstly, textured honeycomb or ripple products with novelty ingredients and ornamentation designed to be a combination coating;

Secondly, stand-alone tempura mixes in which the texture and finish of the batter itself is the chief attraction;

Thirdly, lighter adhesive formulations to ensure maximum pick-up of crumb on the coating line, whilst avoiding residual moisture next to the substrate on the cooked portion.

With all of these batter types, RHM offer an unlimited range of flavoured predusts, giving the meat, fish or poultry an enhanced appeal. Predusts are an amost useful method of adding flavour as the dust is applied to the flesh and is enclosed by the batter and crumb coating. This reduces loss on cooking, ensuring the fullest flavour when the product is being eaten.

It is interesting to note that their batters are supplied in bakeable, quick- setting and high lift varieties.

PHOTO : Selection of products coated in various batters and crumbs
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