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Batteries for pressure monitors.

* resistant to high temperatures

* high energy density

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHISA) is calling for all vehicles to be equipped with onboard systems that automatically warn car and light truck drivers when a tire is significantly underinflated. (See also the January issue of Designfax at http:// The rules, which affect new vehicles produced by year's end 2003 and culminating in 2006, call for a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that operates with pressure monitoring tags on each tire, one cell per tag. Each tag is designed to send a warning signal when a tire's pressure drops below its specified safety level, which could cause tire failure, tire separation or blow-outs, as well as shorten tire life and reduce fuel economy.

To meet these Federal rules, Maxell has introduced two new high-temperature resistant Lithium Manganese Dioxide (Li/Mn[O.sub.2]) coin cells that power pressure-sensing tags, which mount on the rims of each vehicle's wheels. The new cells, types CR2450-HR and CR2450HR-EX, include a change in gasket material, a completely new crimping structure and improved content to operate in the high-temperature environment encountered on rotating auto and light truck wheels.

Li/Mn[O.sub.2] batteries offer a nominal voltage of 3V, and one lithium battery, with a minimum life span of five years, can replace two cells of another chemistry. Maxell's coin-type lithium batteries also have a very high energy density, suiting for use in compact equipment that requires powerful small-sized batteries. Lithium batteries undergo little change in their internal resistance over time, and therefore deliver stable discharge voltage. The company's sealing techniques create tough lithium batteries that operate safely over extended periods.

Of the two versions, the CR2450-HR is designed for standard vehicles, and the CR2450HR-EX is for high-performance, premium vehicles. The CR2450HR cell operates in the temperature range of -40[degrees] to 120[degrees]C, has a standard capacity of 550 mAh, and weighs 6.8g. The CR2450HR-EX cell operates between -40[degrees] to 150[degrees]C, has a capacity of 525 mAh and weighs 6.7g. Both cells measure 24.5 mm in diameter by 5 mm high.

Circle 226--Maxell, Fair Lawn, NJ.
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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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