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Batter is better for Maxway.

Maxway Foods has developed two new products aimed at adding interest to fast food menus.

The company has launched a battered lasagne (pictured) and a battered macaroni cheese in single portions designed for deep frying. Both products can either be held in the hand or served on a plate.

The lasagne recipe features minced beef and tomato with layers of pasta and a rich bechamel sauce, encased in crispy batter. The battered macaroni cheese is a traditional recipe of macaroni in a cheddar cheese sauce.

Maxway's special production process means that the products stand up to deep frying without them breaking up or leaking into the oil. The products are fully cooked before enrobing and are distributed frozen. Portion sizes are 182-200g for the lasagne and 161-166g for the macaroni cheese.

Tel: +44 (0)1668 216315

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Date:Nov 1, 2003
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