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Batman's kids are homeless says wife; Sexy Joanne says pounds 6m love-cheat Kilmer is a meanie to his dumped family.

BATMAN FOREVER star Val Kilmer is locked in a bitter battle with his estranged actress wife.

She has accused him of leaving her and their two children homeless.

British beauty Joanne Whalley-Kilmer and their kids, Mercedes, four, and baby Jack, are living in hotels and staying with friends after, she claims, Kilmer refused to come up with half-a-million dollars for a new house.

Kilmer - star of the smash-hit new movie Heat with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino - has a pounds 10million fortune and has been linked with supermodel Cindy Crawford and wildchild Drew Barrymore.

Now Joanne, 31, has asked a California court to make her husband hand over pounds 330,000 so she can buy a house. He has not only refused - but has also filed his response in New Mexico, where the laws are much tougher on sharing community property.

A court there has even sealed his version of the couple's divorce row at his request. Meanwhile Joanne, who made her name in the movie Scandal before moving to the US when she fell in love with Kilmer, says the children need a permanent home.

"Since Val will have earned some pounds 6,600,000 by the end of February his refusal to help cannot be for financial reasons," she complains in court files. A heartbroken Joanne has told friends that she intends to fight Kilmer, who was paid pounds 4million for his Batman Forever role, all the way to the bank.

One friend said: "It looks like Val doesn't want to share his fortune with his wife and kids and he's making things as difficult as he can for them.

"This looks like being a very bitter divorce battle ."

Just a month after their son Jack was born last June, Kilmer, 35, went on a Batman promotional trip to Europe. He never returned to their home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Joanne, who was breast-feeding baby Jack at the time, was shattered.

She begged Kilmer to come back and make a home for his children. But he was dating Drew Barrymore and having a much-publicised romance with Cindy Crawford - and he ordered his lawyers to try to move his divorce battle out of California.

Faced with having to raise her two young children alone, Joanne left Santa Fe, saying that she needed to be with friends in Los Angeles for moral support.

She planned to rent a house, but found it would cost her pounds 10, 000 a month to find one where she could feel safe and with enough space for a nanny and household help.


Instead she found a house for sale at just over pounds 1million and asked Val for permission to draw pounds 330,000 from their joint account.

She says she had paid in over pounds 930,000 of her own money into this account in 1994 and 1995. But Kilmer, it is claimed, refused and let it be known he wanted her to find a cheaper place. In her divorce papers filed in Los Angeles, Joanne says it is vital to provide a stable environment for Mercedes and Jack.

"My children should not have to live in borrowed homes or hotels," she says.

Kilmer and Joanne were married in February, 1988, and Joanne claims she suspected Kilmer of cheating on her for over a year.

She says she had given him the chance to walk out when she confronted him about a reported romance with a pizza delivery girl.

Kilmer begged for her forgiveness and asked her to bear him a son. But just a month after little Jack was born, he left for good.

Says Joanne: "Val is such a big superstar now, his family has become superfluous. We've become a millstone round his neck".

Last night Kilmer was not available for comment.
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Author:Willows, Terry
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 4, 1996
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