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Bathroom designed with the view in mind.

A south-facing view of chaparral- and oak-studded hills became the focus of this bathroom in Mill Valley, California.

Robert Yeakey and architect John Marsh Davis designed the room around a glass-paneled sliding door. Redwood 2-by-3s and 2-by-6s frame four tempered-glass panels. For rain protection of the door and track, room-wide exterior flashing extends from the glazed roof. Extending below the tile floor, the door glides between the floor and a planter.

The 2- by 2-1/2- by 14-foot planter acts as a broad, low safety barrier, eliminating the need for a railing that would have blocked the view. It also provides a privacy screen from below and appears to bring the landscape closer by blending with it.
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Date:Sep 1, 1984
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