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Bathroom design guide: our roundup of great ideas, tips, and products for your next remodel.



The surge of Spanish and Moroccan-inflected tiles on the market means fantastic things for your floor. Be bold: Color and pattern under your feet aren't overwhelming the way they might be on walls.

Ann Sacks

1. Tiempo Yaffo 1.

2. Tiempo Gitanos 7.

3. Tiempo Yaffo 4.

4. Tiempo Yaffo 3,

5. Tiempo Gitanos 1. $69/sq. ft.;

Walker Zanger

6. Sevilla in taupe, $88/ sq. ft.

7. Andalusia in Aquamarine, $84/sq. ft.

8. Casita in Paprika, $72/ sq. ft.; walkerzangercom.

Mission Tile West

9. Roseton, $75/sq. ft.

10. Lisette, $14/sq. ft.;

Fireclay Tile

11. Seville, $28/tile.

12. Alameda, $20/tile.

13. Moorish Knot, $28/ tile;

Granada Tile

14. Sofia-55, $6.58/tile;

IDEA NO. 1 Free the tub Pull the tub away from the wall, and you gain a dramatic centerpiece. Most freestanding tubs need a little extra room for the drain and tub filler, so they work best in a larger bathroom.

SHOP TOP TUBS Claw-foot tubs are just the start. Freestanding looks range from Zen to jaw-dropping (see the one carved out of a single rock).

IDEA NO. 2 Capture the sunshine Let in natural light by any means: a skylight, sun tunnel, enclosed deck, or frosted or high windows that maintain privacy. The room will feel bigger for it. DESIGN: Workshop AD, Seattle;

IDEA NO. 3 Set up a view Frame a tree or other natural feature with a window. The look outside can make wslls seem to disappear. DESIGN: Fung + Blatt Architects, Los Angeles;

IDEA NO. 4 Give walls a makeover Stone, brick, and wood are taking the place of tile and Give walls paint on walls. With good ventilation, wood should be a makeover fine, but you can use a marine-grade sealant on it to be sure. DESIGN: Studio Frank, Telluride, CO;



Skip fixtures made for the bathroom. You'll find more options by browsing sconces meant for living rooms.



You're not spending that much time in your bathroom, so take a risk on a large-scale print or one with a sense of humor. (Just remember: A dark wallpaper will change the light quality in a room the same way a dark paint color would.)

IDEA NO. 5 Hang wallpaper in powder rooms Powder rooms are the ideal spot for wallpaper: The cost of the paper and the installation is less for a small space, and there's no steam, so you don't have to worry about peeling. If you want to paper a full bathroom, it's possible with excellent ventilation and an experienced hanger (fmd one at DESIGN: Reath Design, Los Angeles;


Add a piece of furniture

With a comfortable chair or pouf, a bathroom becomes a retreat. Use indoor-outdoor fabric on an upholstered piece, so you don't panic with every splash. If extra seating doesn't make sense in your space, try a side table next to the tub for soaps or a little dresser for towel storage. DESIGN: Cary Berstein Architect, San Francisco;



Interior designer Kricken Yoker rotes common bathroom Fixture finishes.

IDEA NO. 7 Try a dose of dark

Black faucets and sinks are trending, but we consider the color a classic. Go with glossy for a vintage look, matte for an industrial one. DESIGN: Kishani Perera, Los Angeles;



Carrara and Calacatta marble are pricey (as much as $200/sq. ft.), so try a printed ceramic tile (below) or quartz (bottom). Both have improved so much recently, you can hardly tell the difference.



Stylewise, you'll get more out of a mirror than a medicine cabinet. So stash toiletries in the vanity and hang one of these.



Kricken Yaker prefers long, skinny tiles over chunkier ones. "They're more contemporary," says Yaker, who stacks them linearly for cleaner lines and less grout.


Lower your water usage with smart bathroom fixtures:

IDEA NO. 8, Consider rustic wood

It's already made the rounds in living rooms, kitchens, and exteriors; now worn, unstained wood has hit bathrooms across the West. It's especially stunning paired with dramatically veined marble.

DESIGNER ADVICE "Find an old butter dish or ashtray to use as a soap dish, or beautiful bottles with pumps on them to use as soap dispensers.

Don't be restrained by things labeled 'for the bathroom."


DESIGNER ADVICE "Install heated floors.

They seem like a luxury, but they're actually affordable.

You can buy the electric mats to place beneath the floor at The Home Depot."


Landry Pivoting Rounded Rectangular mirror, Rejuvenation, $395;


"Why get a bath mat when you can get something way more interesting? Try a vintage rug with a rubber nonskid pad underneath."
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