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Bathing in fluoridated water: nullifying the Gerson therapy.

In the course of the last few months, we have received numerous calls from patients who had done well for a period of time and then failed to make further progress--or worse, had serious set-backs of their disease. This could include new tumor growth, weakness, poor appetite, return of pain and more.

In order to answer these serious concerns, I have to first find out what is causing the problem--since the Therapy was obtaining good results for a while. So I ask many questions. Regularly, I have found that the problem is tap WATER. No, not just any water; but fluoridated water supplied by the municipality where the patient lives.

We have published many articles in the Gerson Healing Newsletter about the dangers of fluoride in the water, toothpaste, dental treatments, and many other areas. It bears repeating: fluoride is a powerful poison. It is a compound (with sodium!) of the most powerful of the group of elements called "halogens." These have similar properties, but fluoride is at the top of the list, the tiniest, most active and the most powerful. This also means that it is capable of displacing the halogens lower in the periodic table, including the fourth ranking one: the all-important iodine. Iodine is needed by the thyroid gland in order to produce thyroxin, a major hormone that controls many others. Iodine is also needed to restore the immune system in order to heal cancer and most of the other chronic diseases. Displacing iodine (with fluoride) seriously impairs the immune system--and with it, the body's ability to heal!

The tremendous danger occurs by showering or, worse yet, by bathing or soaking in fluoridated water. Some patients have found that soaking in warm water helps to reduce pain. However, the nice warm water opens the pores, and huge amounts of the powerful fluoride enter the bloodstream--and, of course, attack the thyroid!

We clearly warn all patients to be sure not to shower or bathe in fluoridated water. Complying carefully with the warnings, the patients take steps to avoid the problem. Some have found businesses that sell shower filters, that they claim remove the fluoride from water. That is not so! Fluoride passes through all filter systems. The salespeople promise removal, and possibly some of the fluoride is removed, but it is impossible to remove it all. The remaining poison makes all the difference. If you are the victim of such claims, demand written confirmation that all the fluoride is removed. You will see that they cannot provide this.

There are other water cleaning systems. Some even promise to clean the water used in the whole house. That is nonsense, since only about 1% of the water used in a home is used in drinking, enemas, and cooking. 99% is used in washing, laundry, watering the garden, flushing toilets, etc. So don't spend huge sums of money and come out with still-toxic fluoridated water.

Actually, the only way to remove fluoride from water is by distillation! Distilling water for the whole house, again, is impossible. The water needs to be boiled and the resulting steam is caught and cooled, thus condensed back into water. It is a slow and relatively expensive process. So, what can you do to bathe (or shower) yourself? Obviously you need to cleanse your skin, possibly even more than usual, since the Therapy causes the skin to eliminate (or sweat out) toxins. There are actually two possibilities, neither one really very pleasant, but essential:

Get a distiller and take a gallon of the distilled water, warm it, and pour it into a sink or basin--then take a sponge bath.

Obtain a "Camping Shower," install it in a tub, fill the sump with warm, distilled water and use it to shower.

If your tap water is fluoridated (please inform yourself) you will need to provide yourself with distilled water, either by purchasing it and have it delivered to your home (it takes quite a lot) or by obtaining a distiller and distill your own.

If you live in an area where the water does not contain fluoride, or you have well water (that does not contain fluoride; have it checked!) you can use a filter system and/or a shower filter to remove other pollutants. For enemas, soups, teas, cooking, etc. you can use water purified by reverse osmosis (RO).

P.S. Some uninformed people have suggested to boil the water to "get rid of the fluoride". That is totally wrong, of course, since fluoride is added to water in the form of a solid. Boiling water away simply concentrates the fluoride and makes it more poisonous! Reverse osmosis doesn't remove fluoride either! The tiny molecule can readily pass through the filter-membrane. You can remove other pollutants, but not the truly most dangerous one: Fluoride.
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Author:Gerson, Charlotte
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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