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Bassil: Terrorism in Paris and Beirut is not coincidental.

NNA - terroristic crimes perpetrated in Beirut and Paris are not merely coincidental, Foreign minister Gibran Bassil, told Vienna conference discussing Syria's prospective Conflict Resolution at the Vienna Imperial Hotel today. Determination of terrorists to press ahead with their endeavor would be surely helped by our enduring divisions, the minister warned. We remain connected to our all-caring all-embracing Mother France by the blood of martyrs and by our archetypical role model, the minister added. ISIL/NUSRA wish to eradicate our diverse plurality by driving us into chaos and we ought not let them do just that, he said. A stable Syria is prone to bring about a stable Lebanon and Terrorists are taking full cover under the guise of refugees who must be repatriated at all costs and, as a hard core of any crisis resolution in Syria Bassil concluded. ======G.G./R.K.

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Publication:National News Agency Lebanon (NNA)
Geographic Code:4EUFR
Date:Nov 14, 2015
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