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Bass Bulawayo winter tournament.


Bass Bulawayo hosted its 43rd annual Bass Winter Tournament over the weekend of 11th and 12th June 2016, at Inyankuni Dam just south of Bulawayo. Despite the low dam levels, the club was able to attract 29 teams to participate, with teams coming from as far afield as Pretoria.

Saturday 11th June dawned nice and clear but very chilly. Most of the fish weighed in at the 11am weigh-in were in the 300-500 gram range. The weigh masters got very excited when one participant brought in a 3.345kg bass, but it turned out this bass was found flapping on top of the water with a 0.58kg nilo stuck in its mouth. Luckily, the bass was released safely.

The end of day one saw a total of 72 bass weighed in, the biggest being 1.965kg, caught by Bass Bulawayo junior, Rhett Fraser, who also caught the second biggest of 1.195kg.

Day two saw the temperature plummet and it brought rain with a bitterly cold wind, making for some very unhappy anglers. Luckily, the second day's fishing was short with the weigh-in at 11am. Only 17 bass were weighed in with the biggest bass of 1.27kg being caught by Bass Bulawayo's Kevin Taylor.

Prize giving that afternoon saw full prize tables again, thanks to our major sponsors, Viking Hardware, Fazak House & Home, and Dabec Fishing.

This is a very social tournament with participants gathering at the Bass Bulawayo clubhouse each night for a hot meal, music and, of course, the bar.

Bass Bulawayo took this opportunity to honour one of its longest serving members, Piet Spaans, who has been a member of Bass Bulawayo since the early 70s. Piet was instrumental in the building of the existing clubhouse at Inyankuni Dam. At the age of 90, Piet and his wife Yvonne (80) still attend every monthly league, towing their boat out to the dam, launching and fishing all day. They are a true inspiration to all members.

The next Bass Bulawayo winter Tournament is scheduled for 10th & 11th June next year Keep it in mind as it truly is a fun, social event.

Bass Bulawayo 2016 Winter Tournament Results

Category                                 Weight

Junior Team

Mark Stockenstrom & Shawn Macklin        1.08kg

Junior Individual Aggregate

3rd   Riley Mirtle                       0.485kg
2nd   Shawn Macklin                      0.775kg
1st   Rhett Fraser                       4.315kg

Junior Biggest Bass

3rd   Riley Mirtle                       0.485kg
2nd   Rhett Fraser                       1.195kg
1st   Rhett Fraser                       1.965kg

Senior/Junior Team Placing

3rd   Eric & Daniel Stockenstrom         1.110kg
2nd   Tom Oxden-Willows & Riley Mirtle   1.955kg
1st   Steve Lea & Rhett Fraser           4.565kg

Ladies Individual Aggregate

3rd   Tracy Harris                       0.815kg
2nd   Sherry Van Der Walt                0.94kg
1st   Natalie Adlam                      2.22kg

Ladies Biggest Bass

3rd   Natalie Adlam                      0.430kg
2nd   Biggest Jo Ireland                 0.460kg
1st   Sherry Van Der Walt                0.565kg

Male/Female Team Placing

3rd   Vic & Jo Ireland                   0.820kg
2nd   Ryan & Sherry Van Der Walt         2.055kg
1st   Dave & Natalie Adlam               3.375kg

Men's Individual Aggregate

3rd   Dave Adlam                         2.140kg
2nd   Don Youngman                       2.295kg
1st   Kevin Taylor                       3.610kg

Men's Biggest Bass

3rd   Dion Brown                         0.710kg
2nd   Paul Youngman                      0.715kg
1st   Kevin Taylor                       1.270kg

Team Prizes

5th   Neville & Shaun Ford               2.605kg
4th   Don & Paul Youngman                3.170kg
3rd   Dave & Natalie Adlam               3.375kg
2nd   Kevin Taylor & James Crawford      3.990kg
1st   Steve Lea & Rhett Fraser(J)        4.565kg
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