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Bass' new national TV campaign, "A Little Bit of Better," broke on February 9.


Caption: Bass' new national TV campaign "A Little Bit of Better," broke on February 9. The conceit is that a bit of Bass can make even the Grim Reaper change for the better. The first national advertising buy in the brand's history, the campaign employs a humorous, approach to promote Bass. "To really make a lasting impression in the beer category, you have to stand out from the crowd." says Stephen Ward. Marketing Director for European brands at Labatt USA "We wanted the 'Little Bit of Better' campaign to break from traditional beer advertising and grab viewers' attention with a tongue-in-cheek and visually compelling approach. We're light-heartedly saying that Bass is so great that it can change an iconic bad guy, like the grim reaper, for the better. It can give him a whole new positive outlook on life," The "Little Bit of Better" campaign will begin with a 30-second treatment featuring the Grim Reaper and will air nationally on Comedy Central. ESPN, FOX Sports. TBS and other cable channels.
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Date:Feb 16, 2004
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