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Basic immunology; functions and disorders of the immune system, 2d ed.


Basic immunology; functions and disorders of the immune system, 2d ed.

Abbas, Abul K. and Andrew H. Lichtman.

Elsevier Saunders


324 pages




Writing for medical and health professions students and undergraduate students in immunology, Abbas (pathology, U. of California San Francisco School of Medicine) and Lichtman, pathology, Harvard Medical School) describe the fundamental concepts and principles of human immunology, giving basic principles, full-color illustrations and short, accessible chapters. Useful as a study guide as well as a text, this version has completely updated information on innate immunity, antigen capture and presentation in lymphocytes, antigen recognition in the adaptive immune system, cell-mediated immune response, effector mechanisms of cell-mediates immunity, humoral immune responses, effector mechanisms of humoral immunity, immunologic tolerance and autoimmunity, immune responses against tumors and transplants, hypersensitivity diseases and congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies. They include suggested readings and an appendix of clinical cases.

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