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Basic Inorganic Chemicals.

Contract award notice: Procurement of chemicals and precursors for the technological process in the waste-water treatment plant with 6-valent chromium in the village Jegunovce.

1. Ground waters polluted by production plants of HEK Jugohrom (as historical pollution); 2. Polluted ground and surface waters in the village Jegunovce; and 3. Polluted ground and leakage waters from the industrial landfill of HEK Jugohrom. Treatment of waste-waters containing Cr6+ is carried out through technological process consisting of several chemical reactions. Under the agreement between MEPP and Jugohrom Ferro-alloys DOOEL from the village Jegunovce, 1 of the obligations of the MEPP is to cover the costs for consumed chemicals that are necessary for the technological process for treatment of waste-water containing Cr6+. 2. Goal: The main goal of this project is to provide continuous operation of the waste-water treatment plant thus ensuring continuous treatment of polluted ground waters, decontamination of contaminated soils in the surrounding of the village Jegunovce and preventing polluted waters from the industrial landfill (both ground and leakage waste waters) to run directly into Vardar River. This will prevent possible pollution of the springs of Rasche which is the main source of water supply for the City of Skopje. Continuous operation of the treatment plant will be secured only by timely supply of required chemicals for the technological process of contaminated waters treatment. 3. Location: The location of the treatment plant is within the site of Jugohrom Ferro-alloys DOOEL village Jegunovce, where polluted waters are brought by the 3 systems of different concentration of contamination. The populated place Jegunovce is located at a distance of 16 km from Tetovo and around 50 km from Skopje. 4. Functions of the System: 4.1. Description of the technological process of the treatment plant: The treatment plant performs treatment of waters contaminated with Cr6+from the 3 systems. The main process of treatment is reduction of the toxic Cr6+ into significantly less toxic Cr3+ which under normal conditions forms unsolvable compounds that are not dangerous for the environment. The system of treatment of waters contaminated with Cr6+ consists of the following functional components: Pumping station and equalization well; Chromium reduction; Neutralization; Pumping station and equalization well: Polluted waters from wells, drainage systems and landfill are brought to the equalization tank where diffuse equalization of concentrations of Cr6+in the water is performed. The pump abstracts water from the equalization tank and it is transported to the treatment plant for further treatment; Chromium reduction: Contaminated water from the equalization tank is brought to reduction tubes. Depending on pH value, sulphuric acid is dosed so that pH value is maintained bel


Contractor address : Momin Potok Nn

1000 Skopje

The Former Yugoslav Republic Of

Implementing agency : Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

Bul. Goce Delcev bb, MRTV Building (10, 11 and 12 Floor)

Contact point(s): Lendita Dika

1000 Skopje

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Telephone: +389 3251446


Internet address(es):

General address of the contracting authority:

Country :Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

Email :

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Aug 20, 2016
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