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Basell debuts Clyrell EM248U for production of clear cartons.

A metallocene-based Metocene polypropylene (PP) copolymer, Clyrell EM248U, is now available from Hoofdorp, the Netherlands-based Basell Holdings BV to producers of clear, thin-wall, injection-molded (TWIM) food packaging in the United States and Canada. It was first introduced last year in Europe.

"Previously, processors have relied upon the need to add plastomers to conventional PP random copolymers in order to achieve the desired impact and clarity for TWIM applications," said Amit Gupta, customer project manager for Basell's Metocene global business unit. "Although these blends were capable of meeting performance requirements, the use of the plastomer increased costs and added an extra production step. On top of that, inconsistencies in impact strength from batch to batch increased the chances of having part breakages."

Gupta said Basell produces Clyrell EM248U by using an excep tionally clean technology with low levels of volatiles and oligomers. It is a reactor-grade product which does not require vis-breaking or peroxides, and can be used in customer food applications which require low organoleptic properties.


In Europe, the metailocene-based Metocene polypropylene copolymer has been sold to customers with food packaging applications requiring freezer impact as well as refrigerator impact performance. For more information, check out
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Date:Oct 1, 2007
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