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Basejumper in 530ft leap off Beachy Head to help injured pal; Daring medic jumps to the rescue.


by ADAM ASPINALL THIS is the dramatic moment a hero base jumper parachutes off a cliff to save his injured pal on the beach 530ft below.

The daredevil, a trained paramedic who was waiting to jump, had watched his friend go first in a wingsuit and smash into rocks as he lost control on the way down. A coastguard spokesman said the injured man suffered a suspected broken hip. His friend treated him until rescuers arrived by helicopter and boat at Beachy Head, East Sussex, on Saturday afternoon.

The spokesman continued: "Birling Gap Coastguard team were tasked to a base jumper whose parachute had pulled him towards the cliff. It was reported by his friends that one of the other base jumpers was a paramedic, who immediately jumped to his aid."

The injured man was airlifted to safety and taken to hospital by ambulance. Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, is a popular spot for base jumpers due to its tall cliffs.


AIR AMBULANCE 999 friend jumps off the cliff

PARA MEDIC 'Chute starts to open

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 4, 2017
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