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Based on New Method Developed in PhD Research, Fibion Inc. Introduces the Most Accurate Measurement Device for Assessing Everyday Activity.

Jyvaskyla, Finland, September 20, 2014 --( M.Sc. Olli Tikkanen defends his doctoral dissertation in Science of Coaching and Fitness titled "Physiological loading during normal daily life and exercise assessed with electromyography" on October 1, 2014.

The aims of the present study were to validate textile electromyography (EMG) electrodes to estimate energy expenditure (EE) and aerobic exercise capacity, to develop analysis methods for long-term EMG measurements, and to quantify EMG activity and inactivity of thigh muscles during normal daily life in adults and elderly. In total, 150 volunteers were measured in the laboratory for EMG, heart rate, accelerometry and ventilatory gases, and during normal daily life EMG was recorded.

Alarming Results

Daily measurements revealed that thigh muscles are inactive over 65 % of the measurement time and long continuous inactivity periods are common in normal daily life. On average, only a fraction (4%) of muscle's maximal voluntary strength capacity is used during normal daily life, and the muscles work at high intensities only for very short periods.

In daily life older people have less activity bursts with higher intensity and are less time inactive, but have longer continuous inactivity periods than younger adults. Consequently, daily life was shown to be physically more demanding for the elderly due to lower maximum strength levels highlighting the importance of maintaining strength levels with aging.

Fibion Inc. introduces the most accurate measurement device for assessing everyday activity

EMG can provide an alternative for accelerometer when greater accuracy is needed and can provide distinct and valuable information of physical inactivity and activity, especially at low intensity levels of normal daily life. The muscle activity patterns reported in this study are significant for understanding intensity, amount and distribution of physical activity which is typical in healthy adults and elderly.

Olli Tikkanen has commercialised his scientific research methods into a new health technology company, Fibion Inc.

Fibion Inc.

Fibion Inc. ( is focused on developing and selling products and services for assessment of physical inactivity and activity for health professionals and consumers. The customers are pioneering and advanced personal trainers, fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation centers, occupational healthcare providers, and consumers interested in self-management of health. As a spin-off from awarded scientific research, Fibion has a strong R&D team comprising of specialists in different fields of science, such as information technology, data visualisation, exercise physiology, inactivity physiology, usability, biomechanics, and medical technology. The flagship product of the company is Fibion, a novel tool for personal trainers and other health and fitness professionals to assess the everyday sitting and physical activity routines of their customers.

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Date:Sep 20, 2014
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