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Baseball quick quiz: collect ten points for each question answered correctly.

(If you score 80 or better, you are a baseball expert; 70 or better, superior; between 60 and 70, good, and between 40 and 60, average.

1. Since 1900, there have been six Chicago Cubs players who have won a National League batting title. If you can identify three of these hitters, collect ten points. A clue: Four of them have accomplished it since 1970.

2. From 1970 through 2011, there were seven players who won three or more league batting titles. Collect ten points if you can identiy four of these hitting champions.

3. Since 1901 when the American League was formed, there have been six players who won a league hitting title with two different teams. If you can name two of these six batters, collect ten points. A clue: Four of these players are in the Hall of Fame.

4. Who are the four short-stops to capture a major league batting title from 2000 through 2011--two did it in the American League and two accomplished the feat in the N.L.

5. Among the eight players with 600 or more career home runs, five of them won a league hitting crown. Collect two points for each of these sluggers you can identify.

6. Joe Tone is one of only two men to win a league batting title during his playing days and a Manager of the Year Award during his managerial career. Who is the other: Pete Rose, Don Mattingly, Frank Robinson or Felipe Alou?

7. Among all players who won batting titles since 1900 and through 2011, the lowest on-base percentage for a player who led his league in hitting is .353. Which player holds this distinction: Tony Oliva, Bill Buckner, Ty Cobb or Todd Helton?

8. There are only three players in major league history to total 100 or more extra-base hits and win a league batting title in the same season. Which one of the following players did not accomplish this feat: Rogers Hornsby, Todd Helton, Stan Musial or Frank Thomas?

9. Besides Josh Hamilton and Michael Young, who is the only other Texas Rangers hitter to win an A.L. batting crown: Ruben Sierra, Julio Franco, Rafael Palmeiro or Al Oliver?

10. Since 1900, there have been 22 players who led their league in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage in the same season. Who was the last player to do this: Joe Mauer, Ted Williams, Stan Musial or Barry Bonds?

Baseball Quick Quiz Answers

1. The six Chicago Cubs players who have won a National League batting championship since 1900 include Heinle Zimmer (.372) in 1912, Phil Cavarretta (.355) in 1945, Billy Williams (.333) in 1972, Bill Madlock (.354) in 1975 and (.339) 1976, Bill Buckner (.324) in 1980 and Derrek Lee (.335) in 2005.

2. The seven major league hitters to capture three or more batting titles since 1970 are Rod Carew (1972-1975, 1977-1978), Bill Madlock (1975-1976, 1981, 1983), George Brett (1976, 1980, 1990), Wade Boggs (1983, 1985-1988), Tony Gwynn (1984, 1987-1989, 1994-1997), Larry Walker (1998-1999, 2001) and Joe Mauer (2006, 2008-2009).

3. Since 1901, the six players to win a league hitting crown with different teams include Nap Lajoie (A's--1901 and Indians--1902-1904, 1910), Rogers Hornsby (Cardinals 1920-1925 and Braves--1928), Lefty O'Doul (Phillies 1929 and Dodgers--1932), Jimmie Foxx (A's--1933 and Red Sox--1938), Ernie Lombardi (Reds--1938 and Braves 1942) and Bill Madlock (Cubs 1975-1976 and Pirates 1981, 1983).

4. Since 2000, the four major league shortstops to win a league hitting crown are Nomar Garciaparra, Red Sox (2000), Michael Young, Rangers (2005), Hanley Ramirez, Marlins (2009) and Jose Reyes, Mets (2011).

5. The five sluggers with 600 or more career home runs who won a batting title are Barry Bonds (762 HR), Hank Aaron (755), Babe Ruth (714), Willie Mays (660) and Alex Rodriguez (634 through May 20). Bonds captured batting titles in 2002 and 2004, Aaron in 1956 and 1959, Ruth in 1924, Mays in 1954 and Rodriguez in 1996.

6. Besides Joe Tone, Frank Robinson is the only other man to win a league hitting title as a player and Manager of the Year honors as a manager. Tone won the N.L. batting crown in 1971 with the Cardinals and was named A.L. Manager of the Year in 1996 and 1998 with the Yankees. Robinson was a batting champ in 1966 with the Orioles and Manager of the Year Award winner in 1989 with Baltimore.

7. Bill Buckner tallied the lowest on-base percentage (,353) of any other player to win a league batting title since 1901, when he led the N.L. with a .324 batting clip in 1980 for the Chicago Cubs.

8. Frank Thomas of the White Sox did not accumulate 100 or more extra-base hits the year he led the A.L. in hitting. In 1997, Thomas topped the league with a .347 BA and totaled 70 extra-base hits with 35 doubles and 35 homers. The only three players to have 100 or more extra-base hits the same year they won a batting championship are Rogers Hornsby of the Cardinals in 1922 (.401 and 102 EBH), Stan Musial of the Cardinals in 1948 (.376 with 103 EBH) and Todd Helton of the Rockies in 2000 (.372 with 103 EBH).

9. Other than Josh Hamilton (.359 in 2010) and Michael Young (.331 in 2005), the only other Texas Rangers batter to capture an American League batting title is Julio Franco who topped the A.L. in 1991 with a .341 BA.

10. The last big league player to lead his league in batting average, slugging percentage and on-base percentage in the same season was Joe Mauer of the Twins in 2009, when he hit .365 with a .444 on-base percentage and .567 slugging mark. Other players to accomplish this feat since 1900 include: George Brett (1980), Fred Lynn (1979), Carl Yastrzemski (1967), Frank Robinson (1966), Ted Williams (1947-1948, 1957), Jimmie Foxx (1938), Lou Gehrig (1934), Babe Ruth (1924), Ty Cobb (1909, 1914, 1917), Tris Speaker (1916), George Stone (1906) and Nap Lajoie (1901, 1904) in the American League. Barry Bonds (2002, 2004), Todd Helton (2000), Larry Walker (1999), Stan Musial (1943, 1948), Arky Vaughan (1935), Chuck Klein (1933), Rogers Hornsby (1920-1925, 1928), Sherry Magee (1910) and Honus Wagner (1904, 1907-1909) in the National League.


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