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What you might not know about Djedhor's black basalt statue in Egyptian Museum in Tahrir. Mustafa Marie Jun 30, 2020 393
The Choiyoi Group in the Cordon del Plata range, western Argentina: structure, petrography and geochemistry/El Grupo Choiyoi en el Cordon del Plata, oeste argentino: estratigrafia, petrografia y geoquimica. Martinez, Amancay; Gallardo, Adrian; Giambiagi, Laura; Tobares, Laura Jun 1, 2020 8215
Experimental Investigation on Hard Rock Breaking with Fiber Laser: Surface Failure Characteristics and Perforating Mechanism. Yang, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Xin; Zhu, Hongliang; Zhou, Jiaheng; Li, Yanhong May 31, 2020 5080
Experimental Investigation of the Fatigue Behavior of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Grid-Concrete Interface. Wen, Bo; Wan, Chunfeng; Liu, Lin; Fang, Da; Yang, Caiqian May 31, 2020 5388
Determination of Young's Modulus by Specific Vibration of Basalt and Diabase. Quaglio, Osvail Andre; da Silva, Jose Margarida; Rodovalho, Edmo da Cunha; Costa, Leandro de Vilhena Apr 30, 2020 4215
Panerai unveils Luminor Marina Fibratech -- 44 mm watches. Apr 28, 2020 674
Case Study: In Situ Experimental Investigation on Overburden Consolidation Grouting for Columnar Jointed Basalt Dam Foundation. Dou, Jinxi; Zhou, Mengxia; Wang, Zhilin; Wang, Kexiang; Yuan, Shui; Jiang, Mingqiang; Zhang, Guijin Mar 31, 2020 9642
Model Test on Bearing Characteristics of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Lining. Wang, Dao-yuan; Qi, Jia-suo; Cui, Guang-yao; Yang, Yanling; Chang, Jie Mar 31, 2020 4509
Laboratory Evaluation on Performance of Fiber-Modified Asphalt Mixtures Containing High Percentage of RAP. Zhu, Yuefeng; Li, Yanwei; Si, Chundi; Shi, Xiaote; Qiao, Yaning; Li, Haoran Concert review Mar 1, 2020 6213
Sweida National Museum ...A living witness on successive civilizations in Sweida city. ruaa-jazaeri Jan 28, 2020 922
Petrography, geochemistry and physico-mechanical properties of dolerite from Oghi (Mansehra), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Muhammad Ismaeel, Muhammad Naveed Anjum, Waqas Ahmed, Amjad Hussain and Muhammad Sajid Dec 31, 2019 5033
Applying Rare Earth Elements, Uranium, and [sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr to Disentangle Structurally Forced Confluence of Regional Groundwater Resources: The Case of the Lower Yarmouk Gorge. Siebert, Christian; Moller, Peter; Magri, Fabien; Shalev, Eyal; Rosenthal, Eliahu; Al-Raggad, Marwan Dec 31, 2019 12445
American newspaper: Militants affiliated with Turkey stole basalt lion statue from Ain Dara archeological site. Hazem al-Sabbagh Dec 16, 2019 158
Basalt Acquires Houston-Based Third Coast Midstream's Natural Gas Transmission Business. Dec 12, 2019 254
Basalt Acquires Houston-Based Third Coast Midstream's Natural Gas Transmission Business. Dec 12, 2019 277
Bogong Moths Agrotis infusa, soil fertility and food chains in the Australian alpine region, and observations concerning the recent population crash of this iconic species. Mansergh, Ian; Heinze, Dean Report Dec 1, 2019 6850
Flexural Toughness of Basalt Fibre-Reinforced Shotcrete and Industrial-Scale Testing. Jiao, Huazhe; Wu, Yachuang; Chen, Xinming; Yang, Yixuan Nov 30, 2019 4434
Mechanical Performance and Numerical Simulation of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete (BFRC) Using Double-K Fracture Model and Virtual Crack Closure Technique (VCCT). Zhao, Yawei; Sun, Xinjian; Cao, Peng; Ling, Yifeng; Gao, Zhen; Zhan, Qibing; Zhou, Xinjie; Diao, Mus Nov 30, 2019 9457
Effect of Basalt Fiber Addition on Static-Dynamic Mechanical Behaviors and Microstructure of Stabilized Soil Compositing Cement and Fly Ash. Cao, Ziming; Ma, Qinyong; Wang, Hongwei Nov 30, 2019 10723
4th Basalt Sculpture Forum in Deir Ezzor confirms the city's victory over terrorism. ghossoun Nov 19, 2019 337
The Effects of Fiber Length and Volume on Material Properties And Crack Resistance of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Concrete (BFRC). Wang, Xinzhong; He, Jun; Mosallam, Ayman S.; Li, Chuanxi; Xin, Haohui Oct 31, 2019 10238
Basalt Fiber Market key Insights Based on Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2026. Oct 1, 2019 893
Basalt Fiber Market key Insights Based on Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2026. Oct 1, 2019 908
Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Karadaban Bimodal Volcanic Rocks in the Altyn Area, Xinjiang: Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of the Altyn Ocean. Jia, Wen-Bin; Yan, Guang-Sheng; Yu, Xiao-Fei; Li, Yong-Sheng; Conticelli, Sandro; Du, Ze-Zhong Sep 30, 2019 15522
Using Lightweight Materials to Enhance Thermal Resistance of Asphalt Mixture for Cooling Asphalt Pavement. Deng, Haibin; Deng, Deyi; Du, Yinfei; Lu, Xinmin Sep 30, 2019 4665
Basalt Fiber Market Size, Revenue and Forecast to 2026: Leading Companies are Kamenney VEK, Mafic SA, Technobasalt-Invest LLC, INCOTELOGY GmbH. Sep 27, 2019 1034
Global Basalt Fibers Market to Surpass a Notable CAGR At 8.5% through 2028, Finds Fact.MR. Sep 12, 2019 877
Mechanical Properties and Numerical Analyses of Basalt Fiber Crumb Rubber Mortars in Soft Rock Roadways. Qin, Jun-Ling; Qiao, Wei-Guo; Lin, Deng-Ge; Zhang, Shuai; Wang, Ji-Yao Report Aug 31, 2019 5210
Notes on the natural history of the Little Whip Snake Parasuta flagellum (Elapidae) from basalt plains grasslands near Melbourne. Turner, Grant S. Report Aug 1, 2019 8274
Investigating the Effects of Chopped Basalt Fiber on the Performance of Porous Asphalt Mixture. Wang, Sheng; Kang, Aihong; Xiao, Peng; Li, Bo; Fu, Weili Jul 31, 2019 5518
Global Basalt Fibers Market to Surpass a Notable CAGR At 8.5% through 2028, Finds Fact.MR. Jun 20, 2019 913
Global Basalt Fibers Market to Surpass a Notable CAGR At 8.5% through 2028, Finds Fact.MR. Jun 20, 2019 900
Global Basalt Fibers Market: Upcoming Opportunities Expected to Grow through 2018-2026. Jun 6, 2019 913
An evidence-based approach to teaching plate tectonics in high school. Price, Colin Report Jun 1, 2019 5051
Mineralogical features and petrogenetic significance of the clinopyroxene and hornblende of the Wuhaolai mafic complex in northern North China Craton, Inner Mongolia/Caracteristicas mineralogicas y significado petrogenetico del clinopiroxeno y la hornblenda del complejo mafico de Wuhaolai en el Craton del Norte de China, Mongolia Interior. Chen, Wang; Jianchao, Liu; Haidong, Zhang; Jiakun, Ge; Zhixuan, Xi; Haoran, Wang Jun 1, 2019 9793
Evaluation of Basalt Fibers on Wind Turbine Blades through Finite Element Analysis. Garcia, V.; Vargas, L.; Acuna, A.; Sosa, J.B.; Durazo, E.; Ballesteros, R.; Ocampo, J. Apr 30, 2019 7173
Basalt Fibers Market Steady Growth to be Witnessed by 2018 to 2026. Apr 25, 2019 942
Ancient Egyptian basalt statue to be auctioned in Christie's on April 29. Apr 9, 2019 290
Synergistic Reinforcement of Epoxy/Basalt Fiber Composites With Dimensionally Different Nanoparticles. Li, Xi; Li, Guoming; Su, Xiaohong; Wang, Zhenfei Report Apr 1, 2019 3451
Kyrgyzstan and Russia sign $500 million deal on basalt fiber production. Apr 1, 2019 148
Flexural Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Beam Using BFRP Composites: Finite Element Approach. Kadhim, Asaad M.H.; Numan, Hesham A.; Ozakca, Mustafa Mar 31, 2019 7905
Basalt Fibers Market: Key Insights and Opportunities Expected to Grow through 2026. Mar 12, 2019 795
Basalt Fibers as an Alternative to Steel Reinforcements Empowers Basalt Fibers Market Growth. Mar 11, 2019 687
Basalt Fibers as an Alternative to Steel Reinforcements Empowers Basalt Fibers Market Growth. Mar 11, 2019 619
Basalt Fibers Market Scenario Indicates Prime Trends & Growth 2018-26. Mar 8, 2019 845
Global Basalt Fibers Market Investigation & Industry Evolution till 2026. Dec 1, 2018 676
Pitch-black. Nov 8, 2018 1184
Chopped Strands Sales Outpace Rovings', Fast Gaining Ground for Negating Surface Cracks in Building. Sep 12, 2018 726
Wilsonville, Tualatin adopt growth plan. Aug 28, 2018 360
Uzbekistan revolutionizing construction industry, eyes to replace iron with basalt. Aug 11, 2018 440
Human-Caused Fire In Basalt Forces Evacuations. Jul 4, 2018 520
Foreign envoys see the sights of Penghu, Taiwan. Jun 23, 2018 230
A tale of two cities eager to grow. May 18, 2018 1528
Experimental Study on Drop-Weight Impact Response of Basalt Fiber Aluminum Laminates (BFMLs). Zhang, Dongliang; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Luo, Yunrong; Wang, Qingyuan Jan 1, 2018 6067
Flexural Behavior of RC Slabs Strengthened in Flexure with Basalt Fabric-Reinforced Cementitious Matrix. Lee, Sugyu; Hong, Kinam; Yeon, Yeongmo; Jung, Kyusan Jan 1, 2018 6122
Influence of Fiber Type on Low-Temperature Fracture Performance of Presawed Asphalt Mixture Beams. Wu, Jinrong; Hong, Rongbao; Gu, Chenbin Jan 1, 2018 5040
Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Genesis Model of Jinjiang and Julong Hot Springs in Changbai Mountain, Northeast China. Yan, Baizhong; Liang, Xiujuan; Xiao, Changlai Jan 1, 2018 7859
Fluid Chemistry of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vents: A Comparison between Numerical Modeling and Vent Geochemical Data. Pierre, Samuel; Gysi, Alexander P.; Monecke, Thomas Jan 1, 2018 17779
Preconditioning by Hydrogen Peroxide Enhances Multiple Properties of Human Decidua Basalts Mesenchymal Stem/Multipotent Stromal Cells. Khatlani, T.; Algudiri, D.; Alenzi, R.; Al Subayyil, A.M.; Abomaray, F.M.; Bahattab, E.; AlAskar, A. Jan 1, 2018 9690
Mechanical and Thermal Properties of R-High Density Polyethylene Composites Reinforced with Wheat Straw Particleboard Dust and Basalt Fiber. Yu, Min; Mao, Haiyan; Huang, Runzhou; Ge, Zhenghao; Tian, Pujian; Sun, Lixin; Wu, Qinglin; Sun, Kai Jan 1, 2018 6573
Dynamic Fracture Toughness and Dynamic Tensile Strength of the Rock from Different Depths of Beijing Datai Well. Man, Ke; Liu, Xiaoli Jan 1, 2018 5258
Development of Composite for Thermal Barriers Reinforced by Ceramic Fibers. Holcapek, Ondrej; Kotatkova, Jaroslava; Reiterman, Pavel Jan 1, 2018 6233
Flexural Toughness of High-Performance Concrete with Basalt and Polypropylene Short Fibres. Smarzewski, Piotr Jan 1, 2018 5679
Tensile Mechanical Properties and Failure Modes of a Basalt Fiber/Epoxy Resin Composite Material. He, Jingjing; Shi, Junping; Cao, Xiaoshan; Hu, Yifeng Jan 1, 2018 6713
Flexural Modelling and Finite Element Analysis of FRC Beams Reinforced with PVA and Basalt Fibres and Their Validation. Ayub, Tehmina; Khan, Sadaqat Ullah; Shafiq, Nasir Jan 1, 2018 10852
Improvement of the Acoustic Attenuation of Plaster Composites by the Addition of Short-Fibre Reinforcement. Kulhavy, P.; Samkova, A.; Petru, M.; Pechociakova, M. Jan 1, 2018 8096
Compression Behavior of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tube-Confined Coconut Fiber-Reinforced Concrete. Lv, Yang; Wu, Xueqian; Zhu, Yuhao; Liang, Xiao; Cheng, Quanxi; Gao, Mengran Jan 1, 2018 7657
Experimental Research on Microstructure and Physical-Mechanical Properties of Expansive Soil Stabilized with Fly Ash, Sand, and Basalt Fiber. Ma, Qin-yong; Cao, Zi-ming; Yuan, Pu Jan 1, 2018 7108
Review of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Concrete in China: Alkali Resistance of Fibers and Static Mechanical Properties of Composites. Guo, Zhensheng; Wan, Chunfeng; Xu, Mengye; Chen, Jinxiang Jan 1, 2018 7950
Effect of Stress Corrosion on Relaxation of Large Diameter BGFRP Bars. Li, Guowei; Bakarr, Sidi Kabba; Wang, Jingqiu; Liu, Xue; Hong, Chengyu Jan 1, 2018 4514
Parent material and climate affect soil organic carbon fractions under pastures in south-eastern Australia. Orgill, Susan E.; Condon, Jason R.; Conyers, Mark K.; Morris, Stephen G.; Murphy, Brian W.; Greene, Nov 1, 2017 8397
Volcano Eruption From 16.5 Million Years Ago That Helped Cool Earth. Oct 11, 2017 485
Wurst pulls out of gig as band have visa refused. Aug 12, 2017 158
Performance evaluation of hybrid fibre reinforced concrete with polyolefin and basalt fibres. Dhanam, M.; Eswari, S. Report Jul 1, 2017 1986
Climatically driven change in soil carbon across a basalt landscape is restricted to non-agricultural land use systems. Wilson, Brian R.; King, Dacre; Crowns, Ivor; Veeragathipillai, Manoharan Report Jul 1, 2017 10500
Evaluation of the channel stability in bridges and culverts in Parana III Watershed, Western Parana State, Brazil/Estabilidade de canais fluviais em torno de pontes e bueiros na bacia hidrografica do Parana III, Oeste do Parana. Bortoluzzi, Leandro Neri; Fernandez, Oscar Vicente Quinonez Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 6458
Influence of coarse aggregate on concrete's elasticity modulus/Influencia do agregado graudo no modulo de elasticidade do concreto. dos Santos, Antonio Carlos; de Arruda, Angela Maria; da Silva, Turibio Jose; de Carvalho Palma Vitor Jan 1, 2017 4496
Laboratory Study on Properties of Diatomite and Basalt Fiber Compound Modified Asphalt Mastic. Cheng, Yongchun; Zhu, Chunfeng; Tan, Guojin; Lv, Zehua; Yang, Jinsheng; Ma, Jiansheng Report Jan 1, 2017 7265
Construction Technology and Mechanical Properties of a Cement-Soil Mixing Pile Reinforced by Basalt Fibre. Hong, Yingwei; Wu, Xiaoping; Zhang, Peng Jan 1, 2017 6468
LIBS Analysis of Geomaterials: Comparative Study of Basalt Plasma Induced by TEA C[O.sub.2] and Nd:YAG Laser in Air at Atmospheric Pressure. Savovic, Jelena; Momcilovic, Milos; Zivkovic, Sanja; Stancalie, Andrei; Trtica, Milan; Kuzmanovic, M Technical report Jan 1, 2017 5328
Bond-Slip Behavior of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bar in Concrete Subjected to Simulated Marine Environment: Effects of BFRP Bar Size, Corrosion Age, and Concrete Strength. Yang, Yongmin; Li, Zhaoheng; Zhang, Tongsheng; Wei, Jiangxiong; Yu, Qijun Jan 1, 2017 3899
Flexural Behavior of High-Volume Steel Fiber Cementitious Composite Externally Reinforced with Basalt FRP Sheet. Kim, Seungwon; Park, Cheolwoo Report Jan 1, 2017 4652
Marathon Capital closes Soltage, Basalt investment partnership. Nov 22, 2016 251
Marathon Capital closes Soltage, Basalt investment partnership. Nov 22, 2016 249
Discovery's a boost in search for life on Mars. Oct 14, 2016 483
Is there life on Mars? Newcastle experts could hold the answer; Experts at new [pounds sterling]7million laboratory in Newcastle could help end one of life's most asked questions - are we alone? Oct 13, 2016 506
Basalt waste added to Portland cement/Adicao de residuo de basalto ao cimento Portland. Mendes, Thiago Melanda; Guerra, Leonardo; Morales, Gilson Oct 1, 2016 3212
A-Lok looks past steel to basalt fiber reinforced polymer rebar. Oct 1, 2016 223
Volcanic rock can quickly store C[O.sub.2]: basalt injections offer benefits over other disposal schemes. Sumner, Thomas Jul 9, 2016 353
Summer rush. Jun 25, 2016 1284
Water and lava, but--curiously--no explosion. Jun 1, 2016 485
Oxygen and carbon isotopic composition of carbonate rocks of the Permian Qixia Formation, Sichuan basin: thermal effects of Emeishan Basalt/Composicion isotopica de oxigeno y carbon en rocas de carbonato de la formacion de edad permica Qixia, en la Cuenca de Sichuan: efectos termicos del Basalto Emeishan. Keke, Huang; Yijiang, Zhong; Xiaoning, Li; Zuowei, Hu Report Mar 1, 2016 8631
Magmatic evolution and compositional characteristics of tertiary volcanic rocks associated with the Venarch manganese mineralization, Sw Qom, Central Iran/Evolucion Magmatica y caracteristicas de composicion en rocas volcanicas terciarias asociadas con la mineralizacion de manganeso en la mina de Venarch, al Suroeste de Qom, en la Region Central de Iran. Mahdavi, Mansoureh; Dabiri, Rahim; Hosseini, Elham Shah Report Dec 1, 2015 3358
FMI: Basalt Fibre Market Dynamics, Forecast, Analysis and Supply Demand 2015-2025. Nov 26, 2015 747
1st Basalt Sculptures Forum in Sweida opens door wide for exchanging expertise. Aug 6, 2015 295
Implementation of Armenia's potential for basalt-based production of composite materials estimated at 3.5 mln USD. Jun 7, 2015 200
Altimetric and hypsometric analysis for soil and water conservation: a case study of Anjani and Jhiri river basin, Northern Maharashtra, India. Golekar, R.B.; Baride, M.V.; Patil, S.N.; Adil, S.H. Case study Jun 1, 2015 4750
New Mexico operation files suit. Brief article May 1, 2015 151
Conducting the required (a) transport of basalt aggregates No. 6 from El Bahnasa Crusher in Minya to a warehousing yard at Al Kofour Station, also (b) Feeding of the company's crusher & moving of the crushing output to a location on the road required for. Oct 15, 2014 178
Forwarding & supply of 300,000 M3 broken basalt rocks to Al Kofour railway station at Kilo 203 on Cairo High Dam line required for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the track for completion into 40 months. Jun 16, 2014 136
Turkmenistan set to produce continuous basalt fiber. Jun 2, 2014 184
Burrow-use by herpetofauna of the Werribee-Keilor plains. Turner, Grant S. Report Jun 1, 2014 6652
Supply & forwarding of 400,000 M3 broken basalt rocks for the maintenance and rehabilitation of the tracks from Abu Zaabal warehousing yard for completion in 36 months. Apr 12, 2014 164
Supply of three earth compaction machines and equipment with related accessories for compacting the metro tracks including one for the straightforward tracks, another for the same but with branching tracks & another one for the reforming of basalt tracks. Feb 23, 2014 169
The Christmas Cove Dyke of coastal Maine, USA, and regional sources for Early Mesozoic flood basalts in northeastern North America. McHone, J. Gregory; Hussey, Arthur M., II; West, David P., Jr.; Bailey, David G. Report Jan 1, 2014 15607
Effect of chopped basalt fibers on the mechanical properties and microstructure of high performance fiber reinforced concrete. Ayub, Tehmina; Shafiq, Nasir; Nuruddin, M. Fadhil Jan 1, 2014 6387
Supply of three earth compaction machines and equipment with related accessories for compacting the metro tracks including one for the straightforward tracks, another for the same but with branching tracks & another one for the reforming of basalt tracks. Dec 17, 2013 155
The Columbia River flood basalt province. Book review Dec 1, 2013 227
Supply of three earth compaction machines and equipment with related accessories for compacting the metro tracks including one for the straightforward tracks, another for the same but with branching tracks & another one for the reforming of basalt tracks. Nov 24, 2013 158
Supply of three earth compaction machines and equipment with related accessories for compacting the metro tracks including one for the straightforward tracks, another for the same but with branching tracks & another one for the reforming of basalt tracks. Oct 10, 2013 158
Energy Minister: Armenia and China expected to launch production of basalt fiber. Oct 8, 2013 119
Supply of three compaction machines with related accessories for compacting the metro tracks including one for the straightforward tracks, another for the same but with branching tracks & another one for the reforming of basalt tracks in 3 lots. Sep 4, 2013 144
GET A BOOST FROM BASALT. Jun 17, 2013 659
Agroecological production of seedlings and field development of Chinese cabbage/Producao agroecologica de mudas e desenvolvimento a campo de couve-Chinesa. Tessaro, Dineia; Matter, Juliana Maria; Kuczman, Osvaldo; Furtado, Lucia de Fatima; Costa, Luiz Anto Report May 1, 2013 4550
Mercury's crust possibly made of magnesium-rich basalt. Jan 29, 2013 267
Basalt mine developed in area of built-down Youth Chamber "Kukuruznik". Jan 28, 2013 257
Effect of forging Parameters on low cycle fatigue Behaviour of Al/Basalt Short Fiber Metal Matrix Composites. Karthigeyan, R.; Ranganath, G. Report Jan 1, 2013 2646
Manufacture of green-composite sandwich structures with basalt fiber and bioepoxy resin. Torres, J.P.; Hoto, R.; Andres, J.; Garcia-Manrique, J.A. Jan 1, 2013 3381
Surface morphology of basalt columns at Svartifoss, Vatnajokulspjodgardur, Southern Iceland. Tanner, Lawrence H. Report Jan 1, 2013 3839
Multiphase alkaline basalts of central Al-Haruj Al-Abyad of Libya: petrological and geochemical aspects. Abdel-Karim, Abdel-Aal M.; Ramadan, El-Nuri M.; Embashi, Mohamed R. Report Jan 1, 2013 6940
Application of D-CRDM method in columnar jointed basalts failure analysis. Jin, Changyu; Feng, Xiating; Yang, Chengxiang; Fang, Dan; Liu, Jiangpo; Xu, Shuai Report Jan 1, 2013 4047
Petrography and geochemistry of basalts from Ranikot and Bara Nala sections, Laki Range, Lower Indus Basin, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2012 339
The study of basaltic magma eruption at the Tor Zawar, Ziarat, Pakistan. Dec 31, 2012 456
Effect of basalt addition on tribological performance of FeCrSiB HVOF coatings/Basaldi lisandi moju kiirleekpihustusmeetodiga saadud FeCrSiB-pinde tribokarakteristikule. Antonov, Maksim; Surzenkov, Andrei; Hussainova, Irina; Goljandin, Dmitri; Mikli, Valdek Report Sep 1, 2012 2589
Mining nonmetallic resources: gravel, basalt, coal among most developed. Stricker, Julie Aug 1, 2012 1988
WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN CARRY ON CLEO: Madison Young (above) raids the costume box; an unfinished basalt statue of a; Out&About. Jul 21, 2012 546
Natural zeolites filling amygdales and veins in basalts from the British Tertiary Igneous Province on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Triana R., Juan Manuel; Herrera R., Javier Francisco; Rios R., Carlos Alberto; Castellanos A., Oscar Jun 1, 2012 8561
Nonpasteurized dairy products, disease outbreaks, and state laws--United States, 1993-2006. Langer, Adam J.; Ayers, Tracy; Grass, Julian; Lynch, Michael; Angulo, Frederick J.; Mahon, Barbara E Mar 1, 2012 4669
Request of best offers proposals in a public auction for the leasing and exploitation of a basalt quarry for 2 years at a land lot next to a land owned by the General Co. for Mineral Wealth within Markaz El Khanka, opposite Abu Zaabal Quarries' Railway St. Feb 12, 2012 152
Strengthening mechanical properties of glulam with Basalt Fiber. Pengyi, Zhang; Shijie, Shen; Chunmei, Ma Report Dec 31, 2011 1755
Conducting the required mechanical maintenance & rehabilitation of 80 Km long metro tracks of the Cairo Metro first line, also of 95 switches & the supply of 6,000 M3 basalt using ENR freight cars. Sep 13, 2011 147
Great mining camps of Canada 5. Britannia Mines, British Columbia. Smitheringale, W.G. "Bill" Report Sep 1, 2011 24599
Import of (a) high solidity cast basalt tiles, also (b) three phase slipring induction motors. Jun 12, 2011 131
Manufacturing and testing of long basalt fiber reinforced thermoplastic matrix composites. Deak, Tamas; Czigany, Tibor; Marsalkova, Miroslava; Militky, Jiri Report Dec 1, 2010 4536
Request for registration of suppliers, producers & agents of spare parts for machinery & equipment used for the maintenance & rehabilitation of railway tracks, also for the crushing of railway sleepers, also of suppliers of Basalt. Oct 16, 2010 138
Basalt Sculpture of Massyaf Castle. Oct 10, 2010 219
Measurement and estimation of land-use effects on soil carbon and related properties for soil monitoring: a study on a basalt landscape of northern New South Wales, Australia. Wilson, Brian R.; Barnes, Phoebe; Koen, Terry B.; Ghosh, Subhadip; King, Dacre Report Aug 1, 2010 10016
Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 surveillance for severe illness, New York, New York, USA, April-July 2009. Balter, Sharon; Gupta, Leena S.; Lim, Sungwoo; Fu, Jie; Perlman, Sharon E. Aug 1, 2010 4426
Request of international offers to import various machines & equipment including (a) two compaction machines for the railway tracks, (b) other two machines for the compaction of switches & branching devices, (c) two machines for the forming of basalt, (d). Jul 6, 2010 220
Surface charge characteristics of variable charge soils in Thailand. Wisawapipat, W.; Kheoruenromne, I.; Suddhiprakarn, A.; Gilkes, R.J. Report Jul 1, 2010 13340
Supply of 200,000 M3 basalt stones for the consolidation of railway lines. Jun 30, 2010 120
3000-year-old Giant Basalt Lion Statue Bears Witness to Human Civilization. Jun 15, 2010 328
3000-year-old Giant Basalt Lion Statue Bears Witness to Human Civilization. Jun 14, 2010 328
Igneous Rock Associations 11. The geology and petrology of seafloor volcanic rocks of the northeastern Pacific Ocean, Offshore Canada. Cousens, Brian Report Jun 1, 2010 12787
International Year of Planet Earth 8. Natural hazards in Canada. Clague, John J.; Bobrowsky, Peter T. Report Mar 1, 2010 14426
The Fanwood quarry: Somerset County New Jersey. Imbriacco, Frank A., III Mar 1, 2010 3665
Scientists target American East Coast rocks for locking away CO2. Jan 6, 2010 427
Drying temperature effects on bulk density and carbon density determination in soils of northern New South Wales. Wilson, Brian; Ghosh, Subhadip; Barnes, Phoebe; Kristiansen, Paul Report Dec 1, 2009 5664
Basalt to bounce back to form. Nov 27, 2009 345
Basalt Stone ,C*A Raw Material for Important Qualitative Industries in Syria. Nov 10, 2009 279
Biodiversity and ecology of Hirudinea (Annelida) from the natural reserve of Isla Martin Garcia, Rio de la Plata, Argentina/ A biodiversidade e a ecologia de Hirudinea (Annelida) da reserva natural da Ilha Martin Garcia, na Argentina. Cesar, II.; Martin, SM.; Gullo, BS.; Liberto, R. Report Oct 1, 2009 3869
This old house. Sep 2, 2009 624
The basal tectonic melange of the Cabo Ortegal Complex (NW Iberian Massif): a key unit in the suture of Pangea/La melange tectonica basal del Complejo de Cabo Ortegal (NW del Macizo Iberico): una unidad clave en la sutura de Pangea. Arenas, R.; Sanchez Martinez, S.; Castineiras, P.; Jeffries, T.E.; Diez Fernandez, R.; Andonaegui, P Report Jul 1, 2009 22882
Environmental assessment for benthic pigment structure in newly formed aquatic ecosystems at Abou-Zabal depressions-Egypt. Abd El-Monem, Ahmed M. Report Mar 1, 2009 6171
Considerations regarding of basaltic materials usage with mineralizers input in machine building. Stefanescu, Werner; Pugna, Adrian; Pleniceanu, Aristica Report Jan 1, 2009 1310
The basal tectonic melange of the Cabo Ortegal Complex (NW Iberian Massif): a key unit in the suture of Pangea. Arenas, R.; Martinez, S. Sanchez; Castineiras, P.; Jeffries, T.E.; Fernandez, R. Diez; Andonaegui, P Report Jan 1, 2009 22568
Fuzzy logic classification of imaging laser desorption Fourier transform mass spectrometry data. McJunkin, Timothy R.; Scott, Jill R. Report Jun 1, 2008 6434
Studies regarding manufacturing technologies of natural basalt sintering parts. Stefanescu, Werner; Pugna, Adrian; Pleniceanu, Aristica Report Jan 1, 2008 1477
La transicion Permo-Triasica: Revision historica de la crisis ecologica mas importante con especial enfasis en la Peninsula Iberica y Europa Central y Occidental. Virgili, C. Report Jan 1, 2008 23049
Fracture behaviour of the basalt fibre reinforced composites with polysiloxane-derived matrix. Glogar, Petr; Cerny, Martin; Tolde, Zdenek Report Apr 1, 2007 2971
Ateliers of basalt. Basalt industries of Tafuna (AS-31-150) and Pava'ia'i (AS-31-170), Tutuila Island, American Samoa. Ishimura, Tomo; Addison, David J. Apr 1, 2007 3936
El permico inferior de Valdeviar (Sevilla), SW de Espana: geologia historica de la cuenca e implicaciones climaticas y paleogeograficas. Wagner, R.H.; Mayoral, E.J. Report Jan 1, 2007 13879
Raman spectroscopy study of interfacial transition zone in cement composite reinforced by PP/PE and basalt fibres. Machovic, Vladimir; Kolar, Frantisek; Prochazka, Petr P.; Peskova, Sarka; Kuklik, Pavel Report Apr 1, 2006 2333
Igneous rock associations 5. oceanic island volcanism II: mantle processes. Mallory-Greenough, Leanne M. Jun 1, 2005 11171
Characterization of the Alamo Creek Basalt, Big Bend National Park, Texas. Carman, Max F., Jr.; Stewart, Randall M.; Casey, John F. May 1, 2003 10859
A petrochemical study of basaltic layering at Henley Harbour, Labrador, using multidimensional scaling. Greenough, John D.; Owen, J. Victor Jul 1, 2002 9808
Batiferrite: Hexagonal. (Abstracts of new mineral descriptions). Mandarino, J.A.; Emeritus, Curator Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 550
The potential of flood basalts for hosting magmatic sulphide deposits: an application of exploration criteria to the Sverdrup basin, Nunavut, Canadian Arctic. (Geological Association of Canada 2000 Annual Technical Meeting Newfoundland Section). Williamson, Marie-Claude Jul 1, 2000 697

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