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Barton Beers reports strong Corona sales in CA.

Barton Beers has announced that the A.C. Nielsen Co. has reported Corona Extra to be the number-one imported brand in Southern California grocery store sales.

"Corona Extra continues to dominate chain sales of imported beers in California for the tenth year in a row," said Eddie Meredith, western division vice president for Barton. "Further, while Corona Extra grew its category-leading position, Corona Light achieved the position of the fifth largest-selling imported beer in California, the largest chain market in the world."

Meredith attributed the brand's position to "the focused efforts and commitment of our California wholesaler network."

Meredith also reported that Corona Extra and Corona Light led the imported beer category in national grocery store sales of imported beers, and that the Corona Extra six-pack was the number-one import package in national grocery store sales for the second year in a row.
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Title Annotation:Corona Extra and Corona Light beers; Southern California
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 24, 1993
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