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Barton Beers redesigns St. Pauli Girl bottle.

Barton Beers, Ltd., announced that it has redesigned the neck labels of St. Pauli Lager, Dark and Non-Alcoholic beers in order to create "a more eye-catching and easy-to-read package," the importer said.

The neck labels have been modified so that it no longer wraps around the top of the bottle cap, thereby eliminating the need for consumers to peel off the foil before opening the cap, which is now embossed with the St. Pauli Girl logo.

"Due to this |label~ modification, the premium image of the brand is even more prominent," said Fred Graefenhain, marketing manager for Barton Beers. "Customers will now be able to see the St. Pauli Girl name from the moment they reach into a deep, well-refrigerated case to pick up a six-pack of their favorite German import."
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Title Annotation:Barton Beers Ltd.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 11, 1993
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