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Some 'very semi-serious' news about the publishing business: the New Yorker has added readers in hard times for magazines--and that's no punchline. Dec 15, 2015 610
The main force driving viewers to 'Star Wars VII' is marketing: Hollywood's sense of wonder has been lost amid a wider model that's stuck on autopilot. Column Dec 8, 2015 533
These days, it takes a comedian to explain our economic system: going to see Adam McKay's new movie is more entertaining than buying collateralized debt. Dec 1, 2015 533
Why good films fail: a casual study in awards season ennui: the year's best films draw some of its worst returns. Well-considered reasons abound. Nov 17, 2015 649
A few questions that won't make the awards season cut: this time of year stars are readily available--provided the interrogatives are pre-screened. Nov 10, 2015 539
Do Hollywood studios have parenting issues? Disruptive startups create a useful model to shake congloms out of complacency. Nov 3, 2015 532
It may be hip to cut TV cord, but in radio, the bundle is boss: with a captive listenership, SiriusXM drives a bargain with its mix of politics, music and talk. Column Oct 27, 2015 491
Kavanaugh joins Hollywood's Rogues Gallery of Hustlers: prerequisites are big egos, bigger schemes and the ability to squander other people's money. Oct 20, 2015 502
The truth behind 'Truth': Journos work without a net: film reminds us that getting a story right includes considering its aftermath as well. Column Sep 29, 2015 570
Adelson's gut wasn't always right, but he was fearless: the former Lorimar founder went from rags to riches to rags in an eventful career. Obituary Sep 23, 2015 618
Film glut divorces itself from laws of supply and demand: unlike the reasons for TV's growth, indie films rise on the ambitions of new distributors. Sep 15, 2015 586
Is universal being dogged by its own winning streak? Studio hasn't had a major flop in a while; next year it enlists 'Pets' to fight superheroes. Sep 8, 2015 615
Why Hedda Hopper belonged on the journalist blacklist: the notorious columnist's career-destroying ways are highlighted in new pic 'Trumbo'. Column Sep 1, 2015 587
Trumps lewd-and-rude ethic spreads tentacles across U.S.: but there's blowback emerging from the worlds of both pop culture and politics. Column Aug 18, 2015 531
For the fallen Ryan Kavanaugh, hollyopathy is a perpetual state: relativity may be in bankruptcy, but the mogul still isn't willing to believe it can't succeed. Column Aug 11, 2015 523
Does anyone in Hollywood still read? Only if they're paid to: Adam Novak's entertaining novel about script development delivers the inside scoop. Jul 28, 2015 579
Mouse house's most valuable longtime franchise: Bob Iger: the low-key chief has conjured the magic mojo behind Disney's expanding kingdom. Viewpoint essay Jul 22, 2015 628
Dance of reinvention didn't always suit Jerry Weintraub: ace promoter was also a studio chief, but his best work was as a bold supporter of talent. Obituary Jul 14, 2015 565
Friedkin wishes he'd kept gay kiss: but 'Boys in the Band' director says he never aimed to make a statement. Jun 29, 2015 460
Enigmatic Kirk Kerkorian and MGM were never a good fit: though the billionaire was gracious even under pressure, the studio withered on his watch. Obituary Jun 23, 2015 633
Being in the PC club means always having to say you're sorry: here's a place for the politically correct apologies that are becoming a part of the zeitgeist. Editorial Jun 16, 2015 624
Recent batch of movies prove its not easy to rescue a bad film: there's an inadvertent meta lesson in 'Entourage' that applies to films like 'Aloha' as well. Jun 9, 2015 573
Insider argues that movie mobsters get a bum rap: as the gangster genre struggles, so does Las Vegas, which the mob helped invent. Jun 2, 2015 561
A growing band of billionaires tries to make noise in film biz: the one-percenters may own politics, but movies present a tougher challenge. May 26, 2015 610
Despite decades of communism in Cuba, the show still goes on: the local film biz struggles to thaw from its deep freeze, but piracy keeps many up to date. Column May 12, 2015 618
Indie newcomer A24 hopes to find love for low-budget slate: nascent shingle mixes good taste with inventive marketing as it tiptoes around tentpoles. Apr 21, 2015 597
So that's what it takes to get an agent to return a call: mass CAA defection spurs representatives to show their clients a little love. Apr 14, 2015 561
High-profile docs get the goods--and bads--on major celebs: cruise, jobs and Sinatra share the spotlight's glare in Alex Gibney's three new films. Apr 7, 2015 640
Paramount must fatten up its skimpy film slate: starting his second decade as CEO, Brad Grey needs to build inventory and halt exec turmoil. Column Mar 31, 2015 563
Iger tries to tuck Disney into comfy fairy-tale space: but CEO can't completely avoid the risk of pricey tentpoles and global theme parks. Mar 24, 2015 567
Vice sells irreverent image even as it reveres profit margin: Shane Smith raises his game for HBO while pursuing fast-growing range of digital forays. Mar 17, 2015 562
Studios need to let their chiefs help map out the battle plan: Rothman must tease tentpoles, but also remind Sony of post-corporate Hollywood reality. Mar 10, 2015 560
Academy needs a rewrite on Oscarcast to remain relevant: signature show is stuck in a system that celebrates indies but bankrolls tentpoles. Mar 3, 2015 575
Movies play games with history--and filmgoers embrace them: factual detours are often the road most taken in biopics, but rarely waylay B.O. success. Column Feb 25, 2015 600
How ideas turned into a part-time occupation: the tyranny of technology has creatives and cabbies singing the blues. Feb 10, 2015 559
The week the talent agencies went corporate: the simultaneous birth of CAA and ICM changed the nature of the percent business. Feb 3, 2015 611
Woody jumps into the stream, but does he know the current? Amazon deal reflects an openness to change, but for artists, change also creates risk. Interview Jan 28, 2015 637
Awards season sees studios do vanishing act: indie pictures win trophies--and also gain some ground at the box office. Jan 20, 2015 623
Hollywood no longer shows it has the write stuff: neither studios nor today's auteurs seem to value the contributions of screenwriters. Column Jan 14, 2015 605
Battleship Hollywood doesn't change its course very well: rather than listen to the naysayers, the biz would rather repeat its mistakes. Dec 16, 2014 596
Los Angeles' ultimate power woman was a master of the deal: the Music Center was a cultural bridge between the mavens of Hollywood and Downtown. Dec 9, 2014 640
Yablans' rough-and-tumble style was old Hollywood: former Paramount and MGM topper was a decidedly un-corporate studio chief. In memoriam Dec 2, 2014 530
Chaotic awards season needs a strong regulator: a kudos commissioner could ease event gridlock--and pour another round. Column Nov 25, 2014 488
Cosmic clashes may impact awards season: 'Interstellar' explores wide universe; 'Theory of Everything' focuses on personal conflict. Market share report Nov 18, 2014 578
Say it ain't so, Stephen: we need your right-wing blowhard: with America's shift at the polls, viewers could use a good laugh, not a new character. Interview Nov 11, 2014 556
To global auds, local stars are becoming box office superheroes: top talent in key markets basks in creative autonomy and delivers commercial success. Column Nov 4, 2014 616
Can Euro Cinephiles re-create Hollywood's classic studio films? As tentpoles clog pipelines, overseas moviemakers seek U.S. distribution for mid-budget pics. Oct 28, 2014 649
Brit Producers aim films at diverse global audiences: meanwhile, Hollywood's hefty slates jam London studio space, threaten wage hikes. Oct 21, 2014 549
Despite choppy start, little fish deserve chance to learn to swim: with more money in indie pipeline, more budding filmmakers go to school of hard knocks. Oct 7, 2014 532
Flack Fumbles result in NFL and Walmart PR debacles: meanwhile, new public relations museum highlights successes, reminds how tough game is. Sep 30, 2014 663
In creative pursuits, two of a kind trumps a lone Wolf: quirky, insular concepts can be improved with someone around to brainstorm. Sep 23, 2014 642
MSNBCs Program lineup needs a liberal makeover" the cable network isn't working for viewers either as a newsbreaker or a newsmaker. Sep 16, 2014 635
Pirated photos reveal naked truth about actors' egos: performers have often been dogged by scandalous images; it's best not to let them be shot. Sep 9, 2014 564
The self-effacing comedienne never stopped working. Obituary Sep 9, 2014 529
Anti-amazon rebels remind us bigger isn't always better: merger mania may reinforce oligopolies across the intellectual property landscape. Aug 19, 2014 586
Megabucks funding foray puts RatPac on H'woods star map: Brett Ratner's venture with James Packer embraces tentpoles, big-name indie projects. Aug 12, 2014 650
Pundits say the entertainment world is ripe for a Twee-peat: 'Revenge of the Nerds' was an '80s icon; now some portend a groundswell of geekdom. Aug 5, 2014 518
The M&A wars seem tame without Redstone's raids: with his arch rival on the sidelines, Murdoch's acquisitive nature gets the best of him. Jul 29, 2014 621
Superheroes should learn to ape simian behavior: characters like Maurice and Caesar have more humanity than their comicbook cohorts. Column Jul 22, 2014 618
'Batman' found a new formula amid 1989's season of hits: now, 25 years later, tentpole franchises and superhero sequels may be losing their legs. Jul 16, 2014 577
Dining on caviar or crow is a movable feast: creative input figures into the mix, but success or failure is often a function of fate. Jun 24, 2014 606
Movie stars have become an endangered species: a lizard is among summer's biggest brands as actors struggle to remain relevant. Jun 10, 2014 604
Can 'creativity' and 'corporate' somehow work hand in hand? Even notable innovator Pixar is running long on sequels and short on inspiration. Viewpoint essay Jun 3, 2014 582
Maybe there should be a jury prize for Angel investors: with global co-financing getting ever more byzantine, film funders need some love, too. May 19, 2014 527
Offbeat Afghan--set comedy seeks love from Cannes: Bill Murray leads cast of film that hopes to revisit edgy social laffers of the 70s. May 13, 2014 617
Specialty film business needs new focus: with U's revamped label acquiring a more commercial tilt, indies could use a best friend. Apr 29, 2014 642
Studio PR machines tighten the screws: a new generation of CEOs pushes the myth of Corporate Calm. Apr 22, 2014 606
Summer films must win back apathetic young ticketbuyers: marketers and distribs need to entice auds to fill multiplexes and arthouses. Apr 15, 2014 614
Cloudy future forces music biz out on tour: it's a wild mix of tribute bands, DJs and rappers all grabbing for the golden Dorito. Apr 1, 2014 634
The fine art of executive reinvention: for former top Hollywood players, sometimes it's all about making moments. Mar 25, 2014 538
Will the culture wars leave faith-based films dispirited? Mark Burnett's campaign counts on evangelical surge to counter dissenters' doubts. Mar 11, 2014 628
'Monuments Men' mashup defies Clooney Mystique: wartime mission to save objets d'art gets subsumed by comedy caper. Column Feb 25, 2014 584
Will Hollywood sign on to the 1% solution? As corporate earnings rise and paydays shrink, the WGA nervously charges back into the fray. Feb 18, 2014 671
Beware of things that go boom, Donna: some helpful rules for Universal's film chair as she takes on expanded duties. Column Feb 11, 2014 651
Agents and bankers form uneasy alliance: giant mergers in tenpercentery biz may trigger layoffs, ipos and greater public scrutiny. Feb 4, 2014 657
Current surge of indie films defies the odds: venture funding expands as producers search for a friendly algorithm. Jan 28, 2014 647
Oscar choices generate appeal, but no zeal: no clear frontrunner emerges, as films favored by the critics sputter. Jan 22, 2014 687
Top media execs stock up on share price: bold vision takes a back seat as congloms tighten their belts, narrow their aims. Jan 15, 2014 737
Wither DreamWorks 20 years down the line? A bold venture from major players, company has struggled to build consistency and fulfill promise. Jan 6, 2014 646
Getting whiplash from Sony spin: the studio brings on new execs and production deals even as it tells investors of film cutbacks. Dec 17, 2013 627
How stars of the pre-Twitterverse honed their public images: today's celebs covet followers, but bio reveals Barbara Stanwyck mastered media manipulation. Dec 10, 2013 586
The blockbuster model that ate Hollywood: Sony retrenchment shows that studios' blueprints are committed to scale over substance. Dec 3, 2013 574
Q&A blitz helps carry this year's Oscar onslaught: as studios cut back on campaign coin, actors step up for face time. Nov 26, 2013 671
Turmoil pervades the nonstop news cycle: Benghazi remains a bear trap for newsies as schedules shift and new networks launch. Nov 19, 2013 615
Heads keep rolling in Hollywood: executive body count stirs fears as conglomerates realign their entertainment strategy. Nov 5, 2013 616
Parsing celebrity interviews during awards season: sometimes 'laid-back' and 'fun' aren't quite what they seem. Oct 22, 2013 643
Doing well can mean doing good: Jeff Skoll's unorthodox business model for Participant has started people talking. Oct 15, 2013 611
Biz's endless refrain: let's do raunch: smut glut on television and in theaters is a real turn-off. Oct 8, 2013 782
Fear and loathing on the road to wellville: Hollywood won't be a bystander as debate over healthcare heats up. Column Oct 1, 2013 707
Pay TV and mobile apps take aim at doggie demo: as more and more media target the pet market, will even Fido start texting? Sep 25, 2013 640
Universal strives to close its ever-revolving door: Steve Burke's new managers need to establish stability and strategy. Column Sep 17, 2013 684
Greenlighting movies: a high-risk game: David Picker's memoir recalls era of Bond, Beatles and the Britpack. Book review Sep 10, 2013 675
Maven of 'Mad Men' takes on risks as neophyte movie helmer: Matthew Weiner's feature directing effort will run gauntlet at Toronto film fest. Aug 26, 2013 637
Can online Oracle be the prince of print? Bezos' digital marketing savvy will be tested Post haste. Aug 20, 2013 719
Will awards season reward Harvey's hustle? Tentpoles be damned, star-driven biopics lead TWC. Column Aug 12, 2013 689
Woody's life inside the bubble: a traveling auteur who answers to no one, Allen seems stuck behind a creative wall. Aug 5, 2013 591
Reliving Hollywood's glitzy, guilty Golden Era: Ava Gardner wanted her memoir repressed--but the star's secrets proved too spicy. Book review Jul 22, 2013 637
Winds of change buffet the job of studio chief: Jeff Robinov should consider himself lucky he's no longer coping with tentpole turbulence. Column Jul 8, 2013 610
Development hell freezes over: remakes and sequels dominate smaller slates as studios ditch the pitch. Jun 24, 2013 583
Too quiet on the Melrose front: the studio's paucity of pics makes World War Z a big test for Paramount's wary strategy. Jun 11, 2013 729

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