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Barry Shulman Says Big Jobs in Small Towns May Sound Enticing But It's Hard Finding and Attracting the Right Talent for Companies.

SAN FRANCISCO -- When Fortune magazine's Anne Fisher wanted to write in yesterday's online column about the lure of big jobs in small towns, she asked executive recruiter Barry Shulman ( in San Francisco, about his experience. After all, she heard that he not only helps major corporations recruit marketing and communications talent across the country, but he also has lived in both New York City and San Francisco as well as in a small town in the Pacific Northwest.

Small-town searches are "the bane of my existence," says Shulman. "With a position in a big city, I can find 10 times more candidates. Every now and then, you luck out and find someone in, say, Seattle or Chicago who grew up in Bugtussle, Oklahoma, and wants to move back there - but I don't hold my breath."

But what about the advantages of small-town life, like cheap housing, low crime rates, and clean air, she asked? Shulman replied that urban job seekers are skeptical: "A candidate from L.A. or Dallas will say to me, 'Sure, I love the fact that there's less traffic - but isn't that because there's nowhere to go?'"

On the other side of the coin, noted Shulman, the fact that major employers in small towns usually have big names in their industries does help sway job candidates. "It's not going to damage your career to move to a small place, especially if you're working for an 'A-list' company," he added. "If you discover you really can't stand small-town living, you can always go back. Nothing is irrevocable. So if you're on the fence, why not try it for a while?"

To read the full article or for more information about Shulman Associates, visit or write Barry Shulman at For an interview, call Patricia Coate, 415-309-2231.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 25, 2007
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