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Barry N. Taylor.

The Board of Editors of the Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology wishes to honor Dr. Barry N. Taylor for his leadership and commitment to excellence as Chief Editor. Manager of the Fundamental Constants Data Center of the NIST Physics Laboratory, Barry has decided that this Centennial Issue will be his final one as Chief Editor. Appointed to this position by the Director of NIST in 1988, Barry guided the Journal through the NBS/NIST transition and for the next 12 years. His extraordinary knowledge of measurement science, his penchant for technical accuracy and integrity, and his effective management skills have served to make the Journal the flagship publication of NIST.

A renowned metrologist and physicist, Barry has for many years represented NIST and the United States in many international scientific organizations. He is the author of several important publications on the modern metric system and was co-author of a widely disseminated NIST publication for evaluating and expressing the uncertainty of measurement results. He also advises U.S. scientific and voluntary standards organizations regarding United States policy on the metric system. In recognition of his scientific and technical achievements during 30 years of NIST service, Barry has received the Distinguished Executive 2000 Presidential Rank Award.

This Centennial Issue is dedicated to Barry N. Taylor and the inestimable contributions he has made to this Journal, to NIST, and indeed, to the Nation.
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Title Annotation:National Institute of Standards and Technology Chief Editor
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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