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Barriers to reconciliation; case studies on Iraq and the Palestine-Israel conflict.


Barriers to reconciliation; case studies on Iraq and the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Ed. by Jacqueline S. Ismael and William W. Haddad.

Univ. Press of America


332 pages




Ismael (social work, U. of Calgary, Canada) and Haddad (history, California State U. at Fullerton, US) present 12 chapters analyzing structural obstacles to peace and reconciliation in US-occupied Iraq and Israel/Palestine. The Iraq chapters analyze the US occupation as a neo-colonial revival of Manifest Destiny, discuss US funded Iraqi women's non-governmental organizations as instruments of colonial policy, analyze the degradation of Iraq's health care system under occupation, describe Iraqi civil society resistance to the occupation, and set the occupation within the wider context of US policy in the Middle East and international law. The Israel/Palestine chapters discuss evangelical Christian Zionism, debate the two-state and one-state solutions to the conflict, and reflect on the international legal and political implications of the "Security Fence"/"Apartheid Wall."

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