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Baroque Trumpet Concertos.

Baroque Trumpet Concertos

(Hertel, Haydn, Richter, Tartini)

Marek Zvolanek--trumpet, New Prague Collegium. Production: not stated.

Text: Eng. Recorded: 11/2002, Prague.

Released: 2005. TT: 45: 45. DDD. 1 CD Cube-Bohemia CBCD 2529.

I have written reviews of recordings by many trumpet players, but objectively I have to admit that listening to Marek Zvolanek's CD I find that it reveals two basic features that surpass the now usual and sometimes self-indulgent technical mastery typical of the field these days. These features are on the one hand the soloist's enormous musicality and brilliant feeling for melody (evident mainly in the cantilena of the slow movements) and on the other the outstanding sound and phrasing of the accompanying orchestra (enhancing the sense of excitement in the fast movements). The most important motto of the recording is naturalness, in tempos, in rhythm, in expression and musical thought. The music flows with exceptional lightness and ease, as if it were part of everything around it. This all creates almost perfect scenery for an exceptional listening experience, which is something rare even in the international context especially in terms of the depth of musical expression of all the musicians involved, who are clearly entirely at home in the world of the arching of Classicist melodies, rhythmic pulsation and dynamics. I'm talking of Classicist melodies, for the first three composers have almost nothing in common with Baroque. They lived in a time of great transformations of style, in which the musical idiom of the first Vienna school prevailed (headed by Georg Chr. Wagenseil). Johann W. Hertel, Michael Haydn and Frantisek X. Richter adopted this musical idiom and so communicate much more closely with Mozart than with Bach. Giuseppe Tartini stands on the road somewhere between these two currents, as is clear not only from music history, but above all from listening to this CD. Naturally there is no need for Marek Zvolanek to know about all this, but it ought to be known to the people who have contributed their expertise to the final product. The reviewer judges not just the musical experience from an album, but the other aspects that together with the recording itself form a probe into the musical and social issues of the music's time. In this regard I must draw attention to the absence of information on editions of the recorded titles, on the authorship of the transcription of Tartini's Violin Concerto in E major, or on the solo instruments used. There is also no reference to the iconographical sources that serves as the artistically interesting basis for the title page of the booklet. The excellent sound of the recording and the quality of the soloist and orchestra are definitely trump cards despite these minor inadequacies of presentation. I think that Marek Zvolanek's CD Baroque Trumpet Concertos has a strong chance of making an impact on musical consciousness even at the international level.

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Author:Sebesta, Josef
Publication:Czech Music
Date:Apr 1, 2007
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