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Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed uses heirloom apples.

CASHMERE--Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed, located at 5420 Woodring Canyon Road here, has been around for five years and offers its customers heirloom blend hard ciders made locally at its orchard production site.

The cider is "made with heirloom apples, and that's a commodity that isn't easy to get anymore with the hard cider craze," Owner Paula Frederick said.

The apples are all locally grown from Cashmere and Wenatchee Valley Orchards.

"What we started doing when we realized that we were going to jump into the adventure of making hard cider was we contacted a friend of ours who is an orchardist and he had this old section of heirloom apples," Frederick said.

So the Fredericks started to make their own recipe for the hard ciders with the heirloom "apples.

"Then we sought out a local master cider maker who's very well known in the area, Tim Larson of Snowdrift Cider, who helped develop our recipe." Frederick said.

The Fredericks use Winesap, Rome, Elstar and Empire heirloom apples for the base of their drinks along with a couple other apples depending on the cider that's made.

This is the first year that the business has branched out as a cidery, and there will be a production area put in. They can now serve cider by the glass as well.

"We've got country elegance heirloom blends of dry, medium and sweet," Frederick said. "The driest of the collection is made with the English dry technique and resembles an apple champagne."

For the medium ciders, a Pink Lady Apple is added to the mix, which has brought an excellent taste to those drinks. The sweetest in the collection has Honeycrisp apple.

"People really like that medium," Frederick said. "The medium and sweet ciders respectively include Pink Lady and Honeycrisp."

Those three blends were the very start of the collection.

"We did that for three years and then we added a Pear Perry," Frederick said. "This is from an heirloom pear called the Seckel. It's pressed and fermented and then put right into the bottles. It has a little bit of a cloudy look to it and it's quite tasty. Ours runs on the dry side."

According to Frederick, the cider shed started out as an art gallery about 12 years ago.

"I have done paintings of cabins and rustic things for quite a few years and, because the gallery is located at the Cashmere Cider Mill, many people were asking about the hard cider," Frederick said. "So that is probably the seed that was planted to get us started."

As a cidery, Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed is now offering a new cherry cider as of this season.

"Our cherry cider is a portion of the sweetest of our collection of apple cider along with the blend of pie cherries that are added to that," Frederick said. "That's been well received as well so you can get a nice, sweet start and then a pie cherry finish--a real kind of tart finish."

For the new upcoming season, Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed will open up on or around the first of May.

"We're offering some of our ciders wholesale," Frederick said. "That's a whole new venue that we're breaking into and that's been another interesting step down the road."

Outdoor Sip and Paints will also start being offered again beside the creek as the sun comes out and the snow begins to melt away.

Sip and Paint sessions are by reservation and cost about $35 per person. Refer to their website for more information and to contact Frederick.

"It's just been a blast," Frederick said about the business. "It's been amazing to meet all the different people who come in, and people are very excited about hard cider."

Starting this year, Barns Etc also has began selling their products through Broken Barrel in Leavenworth and at the Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center and Tasting Room.

"Our next goal is to see about some of the restaurants and if they would like to carry our cider," Frederick said.

The Fredericks welcome anyone to come and share a full tasting experience with them when they reopen in the spring, or be sure to call to schedule an appointment.

"We do special tastings all year-round," Frederick said.

Caption: Barns Etc Hard Cider Shed, owned by Paula (middle) and Gary Frederick (left), has just become a cidery this year and is looking to make some new changes to their business.
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