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Barley yield up.

Barley yield up

The total barley production for the United States as of July 1 according to the Government Report released July 12 is forecast at 414.35 million bushels - 2.7 percent more than the 1989 yield. The estimate is based on 7.5 million acres for harvest with an average yield of 53.5 bushels per acre. Last year, there was a total of 8.3 million acres harvested with an average of 48.6 bushels per acre.

In the principal six-row barley producing states of North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota, the government forecasts 3.93 million acres for harvest, a 12-percent decrease from the 4.45 million acres indicated by the farmers' intentions to plant as of April 1. According to the report, yields for the three states are expected average 52.7 bushels per acre, 30-percent more than the 40.3-bushel yeild of 1989.

The present condition of two-row malting barley grown in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado is reported to be favorable in the irrigated areas, but some of the dryland is being stressed by heat. While the government report for some two-row barley producing states shows a somewhat low yield-per-acre, the Ladish Malting Co. said it has received information that the crop will be considerably higher than has been predicted.
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Title Annotation:barley production statistics
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 23, 1990
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